Honor View 20 vs OnePlus 6T Camera Comparison

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Philip Andolong says:

Lol nice fucking vidio 👎

abhilash r.k says:

Is that subtle hints of mallu accent that I find in your voice?

Joshua Ranjith says:

Do u own this channel?¿

Rituparna Dutta says:

Honor is game changer.

Yan Chu says:

Thanks RevAtlas… Great video

FullMetal says:

Good video 👍

FullMetal says:

So does this mean that the front camera of Lumia 1020 is better than both 6T and View 20?

Junaid Naik says:

Always favourite channel and video's have much much superior quality as always🌹🌹💙

Real Champion says:

Why this channel is not growing fast. I think you are the best and honest youtuber I have ever seen.
Please friends share all videos of Sandeep bro…

teja Brock says:

Don't waste your money by buying view 20 wait for oneplus 7

eldi birting says:

Can u make a video about radiation of smartphone ..
how to calculate the radiation?

Is it real radiation?

Somil Garad says:

Nice review

Akshay Kumar S says:

Completely agreed bro…👍
Can you review mobile gimbals in future?? Especially I'm looking towards a new company FREEVISION and popular company DJI . Can you check it out?

anugrah ajendran says:

View 20 doesn't support google camera. Do a comparison between view 20 and google camera mod on one plus

Mohammed Abubakar says:

5:30 the microphone on the view 20 is pathetic!

Preyas Gursal says:

For camera which one is better? Oneplus 6t or Nokia 8.1?

Lelouch V Britannia says:

Beebom v20 review says that v20 colours aren't accurate & 6T colours are natural. 😄

Bhuvanesh Kandhasamy says:

Awesome bro 👌
Very intresting comparison !!


Nice comparison, but you should have shown other video features if the View 20 as well or atleast talked about it in the video.

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