Honor View 20 vs Nikon D850 Camera Comparison – Can it replace your Pro DSLR?

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nizam x8 says:

Sensor is everything for camera..not a megapixel only…

shery qures says:

Is the camera better than Huawei p10?

Mason Onemine says:

This was kinda unfair though. that D850 is like one of the best Full frame dslr out there ;-; I think a Good comparison would be a more cheaper DSLR with a Crop sensor, maybe you can do that in the next video?

Wi COSA says:

Please compare more phone to dslrs we need this content out here

anmol rana says:

maadrchod phone phone hota h or camera camera gandwe

Karan Batra says:

Thank you bro for making this video

Dhina karan says:

Superb video

Siddharth Sharma says:

It was good to have the detailed comparison.

samir singh says:

A great video btw you said that dynamic range is far better in d850 now compare it with Pixel 3 it will be interesting

clash empire says:

He has the brain of an malayalie man

ayush kothari says:

Can we expect View 20 camera comparison with IPhone XS?

kiran rathod says:

Quality camera comparison video.
Very detailed review. But I really want to know how smartphones have come far in this regard,can u please do comparison with pixel 3.

goutham chowdhary says:

Superb comparison..!!! 👌👌

Raghavendra Nayak says:

Well said, higher the megapixels ; better the camera is a myth… Apple and Google smartphone cameras are prime example for that…

Rituparna Dutta says:

Yeah megapixal does not matter…Its just a gimmic

Tathagata Das says:

This is just stupidity.
Compare at least with a aps-c sensor like d7500

Memeorandum of Understanding says:

this channel is super underrated. good going.

Uno qualunque says:

Are u silly? Compare a half centimeter lens with a 3 inches lens?
Who dares?
Thumb down for the useless video.

DK Nex says:

Woooo….. 4 micron pixel size!!!!!
I'm dead!

DK Nex says:

Are you going to review k1? If so please reveal the shutter speed range in that video too!
Yours faithfully,
Your follower:)

Deva Prem says:

Man !!!! Awesome camera review bro👌

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