Honor View 20 Camera Review | 48MP Sharpshooter

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Review of the Honor View 20’s 48MP rear camera and selfie cam, to see how photo and video quality holds up after several days of real-life testing.

Although the View 20 boasts a Time-of-Flight (ToF) lens, it’s the primary 48-megapixel shooter that’s responsible for capturing images. Honor’s flagship V20 boasts one of the best mid-range smartphone cameras of 2019, with Huawei’s AI scene recognition and night mode on board. You can shoot great-looking 4K video too, with impressive image stabilisation.

We’re hoping that Honor will update the View 20’s camera software to include that ToF lens at some point, but until then, you can still grab some great results.

Check out our full review of the Honor View 20 to see what we think of the rest of this flagship phone. You can also watch our full unboxing to see an in-depth tour of the V20’s EMUI software and a run through of the specs.


Glifford Menezes says:

Like your reviews! Short and crisp! And enjoy the humour too!

Lipiyaraj Raj says:

Cute baby❤️

Fredy XD says:

you sound bought

amol lad says:

Can you do Honor V20 vs LG V40 Camera comparison?

Abdul Hamid says:

Nokia 808 pureview

lolo matiko says:

could you please compare it with the Mate 20 ?🙏

Jeff W says:

Can someone please tell me why Honor/Huawei haven't implemented a SMART HDR function like nearly every other manufacturer? Like, why do I need to take 2 pictures every time, manually toggling the HDR on for one of them, to see which shot comes out better???

Brian Mac Allister says:

that duck face in the selfie made me laugh out loud

Gino Guillermo says:

Gimmicky AI camera, poor optimization coz of slow or very often updates and no or again poorly implemented image stabilization. Shame.

Tech Ride says:

please compare with mate 20 camera

Ygor Cortes says:

The samples look… Meh.

Job van Koningsveld says:

I subscribed, amazing video and channel! Keep up the good work!!!

marklola12 says:

that is faked 960fps as with all the honor and huawei mobiles the phones are not capable and shoot at a lower fps and basically fills in the missing frames with basically blanks which is why even in your footage it Judders and warps

Kunal Rana says:

Thanks you sir 😍

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