Honor 9X vs Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Realme X2 camera comparison – is the Honor intact?

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Subodh Chalak says:

Just install gCam on Redmi Note 8 Pro, choose correct configuration file, modify certain settings and then click images. It becomes more powerful than stock camera.

Abhijit gogoi says:

Good comparition sir redme note 8 pro best natrual color

Roop Arts says:

how u compare the 48mp to others 64mp cameras bro. also 16mp comparing to 32s. how u think bro. in that low price range that cameras are best. finaly h9x done a good job with other s

Xtreme Funny Vibes says:

Wait for the realme UI update for X2 After that you can make your comparison

Deepesh Basnet says:

as a huge xiaomi fan i am trying to get redmi phone for the first time. am i too late to buy realme x2? i am getting it after few days. will it be a good choice over redmi K30 guys? i need opinions.

Bhagwan Pandit says:

#realmeUI review please..


I was really waiting for this video to come from somewhere atleast as was in dilemma to choose one between note and x2

Ram Khiladi says:

Watching on note 8 Pro 😇😇

malik ali says:

No 64mp samples

Bong Fitness says:

Just ordered Note 8 pro ❤️. And I am happier watching this video 🥰

Mohammed Fahad says:

Note 8 pro is my pic



Shah Arnab Chisty says:

Where are the watermarks on Realme X2 and Honor 9X ???

Sheikh Miraj says:

your chart is wrong

I. Moon9 says:

Redmi note 8pro hands down winner 🥇 🏆

Mr Salman says:

I'm using the redmi note 8 pro for quit a while but I'm surprised to see that your note 8 pro's front camera is taking sharp images but device take soft images and it shows clearly when i zoom in. What is that can anyone tell me about it ?

Raunak Jaiswal says:

Good ol days when Honor cameras were best in this price catagory😔
Now they're out of the game🙁

vinkss m says:

good comparison. liked the x2 pics. ur the only one who compares pics in indoor lighting which is what most users want, Thanks. Great job

Sumit Ram says:

Redmi Note 8 Pro ❤️❤️

Drishtant Rai says:

I missed your good old wide shot location.

Itz Rijuyan says:

Thanks a lot for the video ♥️

Captured Moments says:

A video taken with the Redmi note 8 pro

Vishal Motghare says:

Which 1 is best honor9x and mi note 8 pro.?? 🤔

tamil whatsapp status videos daily nk says:

Super bro…super video bro…

Prabhu Das says:

Honor 9x 😍

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