Honor 10 Lite Smartphone Camera Review with Tons of Samples

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Honor 10 Lite Camera review the Honor 10 Lite has a 24MP front facing camera and dual rear camera with 13MP + 2MP It also has AI camera and lighting modes and I show you tons of sample shots taken with the Honor 10 Lite so that you can judge it’s camera performance.

Honor 10 Lite Unboxing & Overview video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlJJhTcaHoA

Honor 10 Lite is sold in India via https://goo.gl/kLgX37


Geekyranjit says:

Here is the Unboxing & Overview video of the Honor 10 Lite that I had posted earlier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlJJhTcaHoA

Robe Leonor says:

Is there any heating issues in this device?

Ahammed Zain says:

Redmi note 6 pro v/s honor 10 lite v/s honor g6 v/s Asus m2 pro

Yash 24 !! says:

Please compare redmi note 7 and huawei honor 10 lite

Syed Sami says:

I am little bit confused Which is better either Honor 10 lite or Honor Play

Komal Dhillon says:

isme super slow motion video and 4k video recording Hoti hai Kya

Deva Narayan S says:

ranjith sir why don't you ever step out of the house for taking samples, bored by the pictures of the same subjects

Shyamal Roy says:

please review huawei y9 2019

Electric2Shock says:

Bruh AI mode screws up a perfectly good photo everytime. Perhaps they think AI means Absolutely Idiotic?

Mouhanit _ says:

Go out and take night photo.. you'll subscribers will be 10M

sandeep sandy says:

Which phone is better honor 10 lite or Asus Max pro m2

Icon Nagaraj says:

Dear sir please give us a detailed information about CUSTOM ROM's (official pixel experience ROM) and safety issues in relation to Banking apps.. please sir..

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