Holga Digital Vs Polaroid 600 Review Comparison

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Read the full story here: https://fstoppers.com/film/new-holga-digital-vs-polaroid-600-ultimate-camera-showdown-92329


Silver sarah says:

I guess this is how to recognize a good or a bad photographer. Give a good photographer a low tech camera without any editing tools and he can still produce a decent or creative image vs this…

mayrim balan says:


Zyxel Sonny says:

this guy's an idiot. can't believe he's a photographer..

mariaaa fischer says:

next time please read the instructions before 🙈…. when you ripped the tounge off… I thought OMG what ist he doing????!?? And I thought you will mess up all the expensive film… and there is a reason why it takes longer than the old ones …because they have to use other chemicals for the new ones because some are not longer available or allowed … so they invented the film new

sachigatsu g says:

employee of the month lmao

TheStimuli says:

I just watched him rip the frog tongue out of his polaroid camera. Ignorance hurts my brain.

Polaroid Antofagasta says:

Oh god you kill the tongue of the camera, jajajaja. And Chelsea is beautiful, tiene carita de angel. ok thanks.

Eddie Smith says:

Lee, why didn't you scan the Polaroids, so that we could've saw the details better on the screen?

KristiMyers says:

I think the most important takeaway here is Chelsea's sweater. Where can I get one?

Manuel Bianchi says:

I can't believe you are actually a professional photographer. Did nobody ever tell you to READ THE FUCKING MANUAL??? Or actually do some Research about the stuff you're talking about?

Joe Saunders says:

Jesus Christ .… -___-

patrick j. clarke says:

I think Fstoppers needs to listen to "The Instant Photo Show" podcast…

Instead of talking about the two cameras and learning about them, I guess it was more fun to make fun of a certain group of people who use the cameras (and film).  I can't comment on the digital Holga, but there are a lot of people making amazing images with Impossible film (SX70, Spectra, and 8X10)…I'd be glad to stop by, bring along a folding SX-70 and show you how to use it.  🙂

Matt Day says:

I would much rather see the work people can create using a Polaroid camera and the limitations it can bring than pixel peeping files from the latest DSLR or analyzing 4K footage from an iPhone. Maybe that makes me a "hipster" but if you were to actually learn how to use that Polaroid camera, as simple as it is, you could have come up with some good images for the video.

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