Holga Digital Camera Review

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Cinema4 – Holga Digital Camera Review

Does the Holga Digital Camera live up to the hype?

What are the quirks on this quirky camera?

Here is our quick review on the little guy

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Aura Jane says:

Would a holga flash not be compatible with this? And if not what flash would you recommend?

PeterBuddy says:

Low light and high light mode. Not in door out door.

Marcy says:

Is there a self-timer?

Timothy Dingman says:

At one tie, I had an old Holga 120. I used it, maybe twice. A couple of years ago, I gave it to my 25 year old son who loves and reveres it. I'm looking at the Holga digital but would like to know if they will do anything about the "shutter lag." At this point, I shoot Canon D70 s but always teach my students to challenge themselves lith format and shutter speed restrictions.

Chris Tadeo says:

Thank you!!

cchalissa says:

i have tried both actually. ok i will send email to them. thanks 🙂

cchalissa says:

Hello, I have the holga digital too but the problem is that the photo is always come out white (which I think it is over exposure). The photo will only come out ok when I taking in the low light room. I cannot take the photo outdoor. What should I do 🙁 I wish there is a tutorial on how to take the nice photo with holga digital 🙁

Woogie Woogie says:

Informative review. Just got my Holga Digital, and for some reason, the red shutter light does not light up when I attempt to shoot pictures; not sure why, but I may need to get it replaced

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