Hikvision 4K Bullet Security Camera Review – Unboxing, Day & Night Footage

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Where I got mine: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bKhwh8Sk
This -I8 4mm camera on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2TDNQxQ
This -I5 6mm camera on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2r3ZHIE
128g SanDisk Micro SD Card: https://amzn.to/2KLO81w
My Blog: http://newfiebort.com/hik8mp12mm/
In this video I unbox, configure and review this 8mp, 4K PoE security camera from Hikvision. This might be the most expensive camera I presented on this channel. Let’s check out the specs and the footage to see it it’s worth the money. Inside the box we have a drill template, user manual, screws, anchors, weather seal, star wrench and the camera. I review the specs of this camera and show where you can insert an SD card. The night vision IR LEDs can throw light 50m to 80m depending on the model. The camera is quite heavy and build very well. I hook it up to my Hikvision NVR and also explain other recorder options. I test out the camera in 3 locations including pointing it towards my shed, an open field and my driveway. I also test the angle of the IR lights. I even adjust the brightness of the IR lights for different situations. Lastly, I point the camera towards the sky and amazed with what I see. The footage quality is perfect as you would expect at this price point. It’s also a great option for installing in harsh environments with lots of rain, snow, wind and dust.


kwd57 says:

What is your opinion on cameras and dvr's between Dahua and Hikvision?

Dave Joseph says:

Compare to Dahua HFW1831E ?

Ngọc Huy Production says:

Can we rec voice with this cam?

jason mccarthy says:

Everyone interested in these cameras should do a web search for “HIKVISION hack map”
Your first result is the thousands of hacked cameras of people’s homes.
Also the US Gov’t banned installation of these cameras on government sites. Thought I’d share since none of the comments mention what’s been in the news…

Buyung Sahemal says:

How much dollar ?

vinnkilla says:

Great review keep it up 👍

keithyoutube says:

Did you use conduit and is it safe to bury ethernet cable in attic insulation?

Swiggity Swooty says:

Great detailed review. But when you through a bucket of water on the camera while the POE connector was exposed, EEK!

Dodgy Brothers Engineering says:

Can't help but wonder what the variable focus lens would have been like on a maximum reach situation like you have here. Fixed lens are fine in a room, but you have a very deep area of detection going on here.

Abdulaziz Alzakari says:

Which app should i used for this camera in iPhone

kinka97 says:

Through video presentation. Thank you!

ekim andersom says:

Great review.
I always wondered why they always make these camera’s white?
I would much prefer black.

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