Hasselblad H6 versus H5 versus Sony A7Rii Camera test. Camera test by Karl Taylor 📷.

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I’m in the market to upgrade my Hasselblad H5 to an H6 so I wanted to see if it was worth the investment. http://bit.ly/h6test

Rather than rely on manufacturer documentation (or Google) I decide to put these cameras through a very rigorous camera test to see how they compared.

To spice things up, even more, I got my hands on a Sony A7R ii and threw that into the mix too! See how it performed against the more expensive Hasselblad in this technical camera comparison. The results were very interesting!

Enjoy the video,

Review the detailed images on my website: http://bit.ly/h6test


noah wood says:

Probably the most useful camera comparison technique on youtube…

lordgregz says:

Wrong2x you mess it up!😂
You should calculate the crop factor Any super 35 and 35mm camera will struggle at F11
And may i ask you what Brand Sensors that are in Hassleblad Cameras? Its SONY…

dansterism says:

pixel peeping is for wankers

R&R Amore Productions says:

The Sony at any ISO.Just looks pretty bad.

Peter says:

Hi Karl. Would the H6D-50C be a good upgrade from a H5D? Apart from the file size, will the performance be similar to the 100C?


You know what, you help me to understand,

BigFatMan SoWhat says:

I sure hope it's better for that price…

Nikhil says:

Funny thing is that both sensors are from sony.

Chilirose Lingerie says:

Its normal that the Hasselblad at 10 times the price is better nobody can expect anything else I have the A7r2 and R3 and they are the best money can buy
you should have used the 50mm 1,4 and max aperture 8 then the Sony would have been closure But it cant beat the Hasselblad yet…. nice video though!

SLR Vids says:

Oh wow you still make videos! Used to watch your Canon videos some 10 y ears ago on DVD 👌😂

beerborn says:

Were can I get that mannequin head? The skin tone is spot on.

Alan Ross Martinez Rodriguez says:

Excellent analysis. Very rigorous. It would be great if you could compare the Hasselblad's H6D with Canon's 1D X Mark II and Nikon's D5 in a similar test.

Stef van Wijk says:

Notice this orange like reds. Recurring error in Sony tests.
Skin tones dummy are almost hilarious bad on the Sony.

s v says:

Hasselblad H6 vs Nikon d850 vs Canon 5dsr vs Fuji GFX

Mr Keang says:

This is the best review in the world 🌎
When you buy a camera 📷 only two things you need to know
1/how high megapixels
2/how clean for high ISO ✌️

Кузя Форден says:

And why all at f/11? I do not care how camera works at f/11, I do not use this diaphragm at all.

Mamiya Phan says:

I wonder how the Hasselblad compares to the Mamiya RB in term of image quality?

Tom Skulander says:

Hi Karl, very good and in depth practical tests. I particularly like the way you looked at factors other than sharpness and noise. I have a Pentax 645Z and although not on the same level as the H6 it's Sony 51Mp sensor in my opinion does a great job. I bought this camera before the Sony A7RII came to the market. I do have a comment though regarding the cost of the 645Z and this is relative to my landscape photography application. Like Hasselblad, Pentax have stuck with the same lens mount for their medium format cameras over the years, from the film days through to now. I have a complete set, for practical purposes, of prime and zoom lenses. Although Pentax have introduced some new "Digital" 645 lenses, the legacy lenses standup very well on the 645Z. The build quality of the 645 Pentax legacy lens is from an era when they were made for the job not a price. My point is that for my application spending a few hundred to a thousand dollars on a used mint condition lens has given me a kit of lenses that is significantly cheaper than the variety I would've paid for in full frame G Master lenses for a Sony for example. Yes the Sony, Canon and Nikon bodies are cheaper for equivalent Megapixel size compared to the Pentax 645Z but you quickly catch up with the used mint condition lenses on the market. I know this is off topic of your video but I thought it was worth putting out there for certain applications, in my case landscape photography.

Trond Helge Høie says:

The 85mm GM isn’t that god, the 85mm 1.8 at a 1/3 off the price is better.
You should use the sony zeiss 50mm 1.4 planar t inn dis test.
And as you probably now, taking the 85mm further away for compensating for the focal length, no god for the details, anyhow after my experience.
Thanks for the test, I’m testing a lot of equipment my self, optics, cameras ff and mf, and it takes a lot of times to do it exact!
I’m using Phase One XF, Sony A7R3 and Canon 5Dmk4 my self, the perfect camera and optics don’t exist for a varied work😊

Павел Яковлев says:

Actually, this is kind of a wierd test. Yep, we're aware that 100mp is more than 42 mp, no test needed here. Sony's files were at 310% magnification – of course they're going to be soft.
The test I'd like to see – how camera+lens combo can resolve the sensor. H6D and A7Rii has the same pixel size – 4.5-4.6μm, so one can assume that the resolving power could be quite close.

Dirty Glitter says:

The Fuji GFX would give the HD5 50 a run for it's money.

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