Hands-on with the Leica C-Lux 20MP Compact Camera

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The Leica C-Lux is the latest in Leica’s camera line up and it boasts quite a few nice features. The main features include a 20-megapixel sensor, 15x zoom, a 3-inch touchscreen, 4k video and a viewfinder. At PhotoBite HQ we loved testing it out and thought it would be a great camera for photographers who don’t want a big camera but still wanted high-end features without spending more than £1000.

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Juan Carlos Lopez says:

Would you recommend installing a screen protector for the back screen? Thank you for your video!

Juan Carlos Lopez says:

Greetings and thank you for your video. As a long time enthusiast having shooting film for many years (Nikon and Minolta), I have been a PENTAX/RICOH user for some time. I am not a professional. As I grow older and want to travel more and light, I am minimizing my gear to travel lighter. I will probably sell my PENTAX DSLR with a couple of lenses and keep a minimum for travel. For street photo, I have my Ricoh GRii. For "vintage to become" I will keep my Pentax Qs-1 with 3 lenses, and I am ordering a Leica C-lux, for when I have to travel with minimum gear.

Carlos J says:

Does the C-Lux have Bluetooth? Great review by the way!

Harry Schneider says:

Feels solid and high quality. Easy handling and great results. However the cheap tape applied to the front of the camera is tacky and cheap similar to packing tape used by FEDEX to tie up cartons and parcels. Leica should watch what their chinese factory is doing.By the way I am a Leica fan and owner for almost 50 myears.

Kevin Y says:

Please compare Sony RX100VI and Leica C-Lux!

Randall Ainsworth says:

I've had the Leica C for a couple years, and it's now on eBay as I wait for the C-Lux to show up next week. I've spent most of my life doing photography; 16+ years operating a portrait studio. When my DSLR died, I decided that I've packed this crap around for 50 years – and that's enough. Bought the Leica C and have been very pleased with it. I've been out of the business for 20+ years, so it did everything for me that I needed. Looking forward to using the C-Lux.

Yeah, I know it's made by Panasonic…but who wants something that says Panasonic on it?

Maxwell Smart_086 says:

nice video – but the music is annoying. Makes it harder to listen to you.

DaviddbDesign Visual Media says:

I have just purchased a C-Lux in midnight blue, with the outdoor case (sand color) protective foil for the screen and the midnight blue leather wrist strap. I took it out today for the first time to take photos. It has a nice solid feel and fits nicely into the palm of the hand. For candid street photography it works well, though I wish the front control ring were midnight blue instead of being the silver color. The silver makes it stand out more. I was, however able to take several nice candid street shots with it. You can hide the camera by turning your palm down to cover it. I think it is a very nice quality camera for its price. The color is nice. The images seem comparable to those of the V-Lux 114, though I haven't tried the C-Lux out in every situation yet. I have not yet tried out the video either. That's another session. Same with the flash. Your review helped convince me to purchase it.

Photobite says:

Cool tribute channel 😉

R. J. says:

A small camera and a long zoom results in some compremises but in normal sized prints it will hardly be visual, if even visual. The question is, should I buy the Panasonic or Leica version? My vote is for the Leica. The extra cost is aprox. 20%. For that you get a better looking camera and as far as I’ve had experience with Leica service in Germany with my M8 a very good after sale service. And when you decide to sell the camera it will sell at a higher price compared to the Panasonic counterpart. And Leica has some nice accesoiries for the C-Lux

Aleksander7175 says:

Does the C Lux have a built-in flash?

Shaw G says:

Would you recommend the C Lux or D lux 109? Torn between both. Thanks in advance

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