Hands On With Apple's Camera Centric iPhone 11 Lineup

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Apple’s new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max add more cameras, brighter screens, and faster processors. We spent some time with the phones and are here to walk you through some of the latest features.

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SoraFan23 says:

I just got a OnePlus 7 Pro yesterday.

kntwing.23 says:

Like every other years They change camera,..

Donny Penaloza says:

iPhone 11:



Jxshua Yuzn says:

Let's get to 69 dislikes, so the video will still be nice

David Brody says:

iPhone 11 699

Flute Gipsy says:

Lego here we go!


how to get free iphone

Cancelado cancelado says:

I LOVEEEEE COLOR GREEN, omg si the beso color. 🥺🤤

blah says:

It's always funny to read the comments of what people are upset about. 'i don't like the design'. Who cares? You use the phone, put it in your pocket, and move on with your life. What are you guys doing, staring at your phones and analyzing the design all day? Interesting that anyone would care about the way it looks. I care about functionality, and Apple's OS is superior to Android in my view because of how I use my phone.

Kaylee Mejia says:

My iPhone 6 has been emotionally attacked.

Ana Paula Pontes says:

🤩 🇧🇷🙏 sonho de consumo só sonhando.

Bucketlist says:

How much are they paying youtubers to hype this garbage phone up you guys are losing credibility behind this😕

FRNZI5KO says:

R u able to use the back of the GOLD IPHONE 11 pro max as a mirror or u cant see any reflection at all?

Geo Rodriguez says:

The white iPhone 11 looks clean, I will be switching to a 256gb white iPhone 11 from a Gold 64gb iPhone 8, so excited.

Alexis Fierros says:

Who else is going to wait for when they make that deal they made on the iphone XR on the iphone 11

Idris says:

because it's a 'pro'.

RJ B says:

2018 – 2 Cameras same freaking Pixel
2019 – 3 Cameras same freaking Pixel
2020 – 4 Stove Style Cameras same freaking Pixel
2021 – 5 Cameras same freaking Pixel

2030 – Entire Phone is a Camera – iCamera…. …..SAME freaking Pixel

jew chao says:

you sell me 649 I will take it

Blade Slasher says:

A lot of kids will call me spoiled at my school but I'm gonna get this phone quick

ABC Garage says:

Can't wait to get my iPhone 11

Aiden Abdella says:

Is no one gonna talk about how good the mint green looks?

Jas Guzman says:

Apple should upgrade fingerprint

AlphaMax says:

I would love to upgrade from my 6s plus to the iPhone 11 product red.

BooMan TheGhost says:

aaaaand you still can't customize it beyond changing the wallpaper lol

Aaron Alvarado says:

Who else came here just to see the comments roasting Apple????

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