Hands-On: Nokia 9 PureView Review: Next-Gen Cameras

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HMD Global has announced a slew of phones at MWC 2019, but the spotlight is on the five-camera Nokia 9 PureView. The five cameras on the back work in unison to deliver one, supremely detailed image. You also can work with the RAW files and edit them in Adobe Lightroom for the perfect shot. Here’s what the camera is capable of, and what it’s like to use it.

HMD Global is the company that makes Nokia-branded smartphones, and the new Nokia 9 isn’t just interesting because it looks different. Unlike most smartphones with multiple cameras, the Nokia 9’s five-camera system works in unity to deliver one photo rich with information. It allows for some nifty capabilities, but it also saves the RAW images alongside the JPEGs, so you can have complete control over the look of your photographs. Sure, other phones have RAW support too — but the image quality and information from the five cameras is so good, it’s much more enjoyable editing photos on the Nokia 9.



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Diti Diti says:

Best camera phone until now:
Sony xperia 1
Nokia 9
Huawei mate 20 pro

Ankit Sharma says:

In this innovative world. The design is not so great with bigger bezels as top and bottom chin. Looking like oldies phones. And btw handson review is worse also. Will never see any videos of this channel

Abdul Basit says:

Those who are complaining about last year processor, it is absolutely right it has last year processor but the price of this phone is less than the last year's flagship mobiles. So don't complain about that.

rajan dangol says:

Another flop

Matthew Paul says:

Camera samples look fantastic, it's unique, runs Android One, and is only €599, £549, $699. A steal in my opinion.

And thank god for no notch or hole punch screen design – massive short term design compromise before phones change fully in next few years.

Adrián Koníček says:

it is not 2K resolution it s some sort of wierd resolution becouse the aspect ratio is 1:2

Allan Scott says:

This is the dogs Bollox, Nokia is back

aaro 345 says:

the depth of field nokia 9 gives due to all those 5 cameras is amazing!

Jason A says:

Anyone else compulsively itching when they see the back of the phone?

Jannib Andelo Bayutas says:

Am I the only one who prefers the flash at the center of that?

Kennith Rosales says:

Ls 845 was not disappointment… No one utilizes the maximum photo capability of 845 pros but nokia does that..

Mathäus Wegert says:

No SD card slot! What in the world Nokia!? With those large photo file sizes (especially RAW dng), you're going to need a lot of space, and not having a card slot is stupid.

Lane Feral says:

Holy shit! No OIS?? No pre-order for me.
I'll wait for Nokia 10 with 855 chip and 8gb ram

Hass Moomeej says:

Ahaha – it looks like a showerhead!

Protoss says:

you photoghaped a fat lady on a tiny chair

RevMasta says:

Stop trying to speak with an accent. Sounds super fake.

S Saini says:

Pixel 3 has the 845 it, so this chip is very relevant

Cesc Fabregas says:

I really hope Nokia builds up on this and develops the Nokia 9.1 for mwc2020 with sd865 and a little more updated display design they could sell this then for 849€ I stead of 599€

Ryan Pat says:

They should have made them 10🥴🥴

Mohammed Hassan says:

I'll not buy sd 845 phone in 2019

Mj ajerap says:

switching to different mode on camera is kinda slow? but the bokeh is damn good

Aaron Miller says:

This Phone is sure going to Crush All the Best Camera phones from Iphone to Other Android !

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