GoPro Max review: the most accessible 360 camera

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The GoPro Max is a $499 durable 360 camera with dual 180-degree lenses that shoots both photos and videos. With the Max, GoPro borrowed from Insta360’s playbook and made the most accessible 360 camera I have used.

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The Verge says:

Where is the coolest place you would shoot in 360?

Akash Markad says:

I have no interest in camera itself but that presentation forced me watch entire video

vinod says:


skywolf28 says:

Copying apple with the "x"and "max"😂

Даниил Волошин says:

What is that rope thing at 0:17?

Dominique Richardson says:

but the question is do you buy this over the onex ?

Firstname Lastname says:

Why is she so strange?

Wilmer Töörn says:

I spot Roadrunner backpack!? Anyone?

Brad the Pitts says:

Any disadvantages of the MAX over the new 8? Submersibility or cost is not an issue. A smooth video is most important to me.


"the most accessible 360 camera" …It's $500. There are far more accessible options.

blindben999 says:

I love her reviews.

99999racerx says:

My favorite reviewer comes through again. I’ve been looking for a no-nonsense review packed with the information I need. Thank you.

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