GoPro Max Review | 360 Camera on a Rollercoaster

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Photo Video Music and Cars says:

I can't believe they let you hold that pole on those rides!

Trell West says:

Go pro hero Max DRONE

Gunberries เกมณ์ says:

Face so pale like the delivery guy woke u up?

andre l'heureux says:

Really nice video

Lincoln Riddle says:

Bruh you chose the weakest log ride possible to test its waterproof capability lmao

Kacey Green says:

This is a nice camera but to replace my Insta360 ONE X I'm looking at the Kando Qoocam 8K and maybe whatever Insta360 has coming out if they can beat it and if they do it before I put down a preorder

Antonio Espindola says:

Check it out when you get a chance

Antonio Espindola says:

You should of just waited and got the Qoocam 8k for that kind of money way more quality than GoPro

Avellino Flantino says:

Focus on the dog🤣🤣

VR Essentials says:

Yiu bought the wrong camera mate, have you seen this 8k baby 4k 120fps, 1/17 sensor

I'm Daan says:


Christopher Crutchfield says:

That's insane

Gordon Feng says:

Just wondering in terms of video quality & room for post-production, which one is better, onex or gopro? Thanks

Kwarkool says:

Story about the soar on your girlfriend and your lip I thought, dude herpesvirus! But ending with a Fantastic twist. A real 😂!

THE MATT 222 says:

Try attaching the 360 Gopro Max at the back of your jeep and use your phone to drive in 3rd person!!! Maybe attach your phone to a VR headset to be more immersive.

RenMan in Japan says:

How the heck were you allowed to use a camera in an amusement park?

cintabacabaca says:

Wow.. amazing, this small camera so unique

Modified Concierge says:

Go pro max video

Enteal says:

drops camera 15 seconds into the ride

Tony Li says:

Can you do a side by side or quality comparison between the gopro and the insta360?

z8ree says:

ive bumped the video to 4k but still the video looks crap. nice review man.

Masked Dreamer TV says:

There are 24 insecure people who disliked this video

Masked Dreamer TV says:

Overcapture is amazing

Masked Dreamer TV says:

The shots were incredible globe effect

where is danny black says:

2:20 i was like what is this sponsor going to be lol

Jonathan Hornby says:

This video is hella dope!

David Do says:

try do a kick flip!

sologiuc says:

And is the best 360 camera?!?:)

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