GoPro Hero3 HD Camera Unboxing (Black Edition)

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GoPro Hero3 Black Edition –

This is an unboxing and overview of the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition rugged HD camera. The GoPro Hero3 Black Edition features a wide array of recording options including resolutions up to 4K and frame rates up to 120fps at 720p. Enjoy this GoPro Hero3 Black Edition unboxing and overview!


Michał Olewicz says:

I'm alone here n 2019…

aukustihalonenn says:

my big brother has one of those, I was thinking is it worth of buying that in 2016 or just buy straigh up Hero 4 black adventure edition?
(Sorry for my bad English)

TheHHA13 says:

I remember when you made this…damn.

Lucas Wright says:

Damn it used to come with the remote now you gotta pay a shit load for it…

Bunneh Marco says:

much need so want

FuNnY MeDiuM says:

Your video is awesome . Another resource I also found useful for best gopro tips
was Moorack Simple GoPro Miracle – search google if you want

Tsukani Takuda says:

how much was this?

Jan Smit says:

Do you need to charge itnwith your laptop?

Milan _Sisinni says:

Come and watch my UnBoxing video of the GoPro Hero

Henry C says:

How much memory does the gopro have ?

jayzee says:

RUBBISH REVIEW NO PRICE and we all know you get given these product for FREE to advertise

Viper Alpha says:

do an unboxing on the Hero4

IsmeeaL Icarus says:


Oliver Keeley says:

I wish I had a Gopro

Yimei says:

Are you gonna review the gopro4 when it comes out?

My Red Lens says:

What is the little white rubber thing. I dug out my gopro box and found it and i have no idea what its for. It looks like it came with the sticky mounts in your video ( 3:29 )

Sebastian Cantero says:

How much cost gopro hero 3 black edition in ee.uu

chris hughes says:

Whew!  Thanks for the help!  I just spent twenty frustrating minutes trying to detach the remote and the waterproof packaging.  The remote now sits in a plastic seat, which blocks the sliding of the base from the top of the package.  The twist ties went away. 

I watched your video and went, "Oh.  How could I have missed that?" 

Thanks for making this easy!

Helen Monaco says:

excellent little camera. already been surfing with it on a head strap. sweet deal with the app to transfer video straight to your phone. love it.

codeagent47 says:

made in china

Regan's Vlogs says:

Can the go pro take pics

zachand dragon says:

I have the hero 3plus black

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