GoPro Hero 8 Black Review | Still king of action cameras

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The Hero8 Black is a solid step forward for GoPro thanks to a new design with an integrated mount, improved user interface, and even better image stabilization. Plus, a new mod system will open up additional creative storytelling tools that take the Hero8 Black beyond its role as an action camera.

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In our studio:
BDI Corridor Media Console:


Video gear we use:
Panasonic GH5
Lumix 12-60mm Camera Lens
Sony A7iii
Sony E 50mm F1.8 OSS
Konova K3 Camera Slider
Godox SL-60W
Neewer 660 LED Video Light
Benro S6 Video Tripod
Spears & Munsil Test Patterns

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fishycomics says:

You are Representing Go-Pro YEs or no.

balmighty81 says:

I was in for one until they removed the HDMI port which I use a lot 😒

David Ursell says:

Can the gopro 8 do 240fps in super view and with hs2 stabilisation? And 4k 60 super view with hypersmooth 2 stabilisation?

Panfish says:

5:29 did you color correct that shot in post or did you use the GoPro color option?

popitn2nd says:

The audio test by the waterfall sounded great But what was up with the jittery movement though? That’s weird!

Ray Kelly says:

Great video. I'm getting one! I subscribed to your channel, please subscribe to mine.


Go pro hero 8 black i like it

Mohd Anwar says:

Any improvement on battery life and heating issue?

Banti Patel says:

I m confused between point n shoot (canon power shoot 740hs ) vs gopro8 vs Dji action

Please help me on that

Ana Salazar says:

What about clips for vertical (instagram stories) people… the eff it🤧

Olexanderko says:

Still not better than Sony x3000 just try this smooth mode at night)

automan1223 says:

their battery setup still stinks. get a battery that piggy backs the frame or a power shoe … and gives you more than 20 mins 4k record time.

Beyond Walk & Talk Channel PH says:

Informative video! Right now, I am still keeping my GoPro Hero 7 Black in creating video contents for my channel. Undecided if I need an upgrade.

Nitish Kapoor says:

Sir i want to buy a new dslr camera tell me which i should buy under 50000 or 750 dollar

Klaxz _ says:

were you at tahoe? haha hello from lake tahome 👍😊😳

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