Google Pixel Camera Review

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I promise, our Google Pixel and Pixel XL review is coming, but we want to give it the proper amount of testing. To quench that thirst a bit, how about a Pixel camera review? We’re big fans of this camera, so let us know what you think.

Pixel unboxing!
First 10 things to do!


DanDan says:

im getting this phone tomorrow specifically for the camera for my YouTube channel 😂

New KING says:

I want to get myself a brand new pixel 1 in 2019 and use it as a 2nd camera. It is amazing!

New KING says:

Make an updated review. They updated their camera app a lot since then.

Popzain 30 says:

Google pixal ♥ R

Usman Baig says:

Bro which one is better iphone 7 or pixel

Bernabe Cortes says:

Hola me llamobernabe

hamzah fanzuri says:

still suck for instastory, i dont know why

Techer Ariadi says:

who's agree this better than iphone???

Sanjeev Raj says:

which camera you used for this video sir

KinkyBarbie PUBGM says:

Iphone 6s or google pixel ??

Diamond from MC says:

3:58 General Kenobi!

Mohammad Hamza says:

Camera quality of Google pixel xl and Google pixel are same ???

Basit Ali Kazmi says:

How beautiful this place is. Can you please tell me where did you shoot this review video? The scenery is eye catching 😍

Michail B says:

Is there any way to disable the mirror effect on the front camera? :/

CaN says:

Im trying to upgrade from a samsung s5. Is this a good "selfie camera" upgrade? Does it have a front camera?

Suzy Siviter says:

The camera settings are sooo basic!, certainly not for the serious shooter.

Bob Brown says:

just fyi i was the 183,000 viewer 🙂

Anjunakitchen says:

Problem with a rear fingerprint scanner is that if your phone is facing screen up (which I usually do and I suppose many others), you first have to pick up your phone and find the fingerprint sweetspot, rather than just eye it with front fingerprint scanners…

Anjunakitchen says:

Does HDR have a pause to save?

Anjunakitchen says:

How about the Pixel 2?

RK Vlogs says:

Best camera review video i've seen in a while.. Thanks a lot.. ordering today from Flipkart for Rs.35000. 20k off..

Karim Saleh says:

Wtfffff was he shooting with a red camera???? Jeez man please tell me what camera did u use in the first 40 seconds?? Dude it’s…. idk man it’s amazing never seen anything like this

Claudio Bertti says:

Regalenme un Google Pixel por favor!!

Nahim Chowdhury says:

Network 4G supported? And can I capture groups picture ?

Jacob Frank says:

don't leave your phones in the rain man the pixel has zero water resistance

martin984 says:

do you have to press the shutter button or can you tap anywhere on the screen to take a picture?

Random User says:

to be honest Sony and Nokia have the best camera interface i have ever seen easy to use, user friendly interface

Mike Caesario says:

Dear lord, that vanilla OS, that camera I am so close jumping ship from iphone to this UGH

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