Google Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE vs Samsung Galaxy A71 Camera Comparison Test!

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TechDaily says:

Picture comparisons start at 04:22 if you want to skip ahead 👀
Which pictures did you like the best? 📸

Toji gaming says:

340 euro vs 350 euro /:

Ezra Pardede says:

Where is the Nord though? would like a comparison with that

Sejuani says:

Daylight photo: A71, eye catching!
Lowlight photo: P4A, great details!
Video: iPSE, great stabilization!

Also, wouldnt it be fair if you also put in some ultrawide and macro photos from A71 even if the other 2 dont have it? Because we're talking about what we are paying for here, and at the same price, the A71 got more to offer with its very good ultrawide camera..

Josh Bonner says:

Samsung’s white balance is off, it over brightens photos and over saturates the colours

victor Igwe says:

2 phones there are fitted with last years flagship camera, one is midrange.
We care very little about the A71
That comparison should be iphone se vs pixel 4a vs s10e

Ankush Kainse says:

So finally i am decided to go with samsung m21

Raian114 says:

Omg, 0 unlike

Saad Amin says:

People going against A71 are just haters. Tbh, it's a complete package. I thought Pixel camera was way ahead of A71 but tbh theres just minor difference and A71 offers variety of cameras, being 6 to 7 months old, yet, owning the market of budget phones.
Thanks for this comparison videos. This guy is awesome.

Kamal Din says:

Without any doubt i go for A71.. it wont be outdated so soon..

Ben says:

Samsung best Camera among the three

Olle Soesbeek says:

Me watching this in 144p: 'Very good quality'

Johnny Boy says:

Pixel 4a is the winner

Tanay AnilVishwanath says:

41st comment . Awesome comparison dude….! 😌

Some guy on the internet says:

Correction: The Pixel 4a does in fact have OIS which is used in tandem with EIS, meaning the A71 is the only one of these three that relies entirely on EIS. Videos on the 4a tend to be less jittery than the SE as a result.

A Servant of The King says:

I don't care how good the cameras are, the SE is microscopic, the Pixel is kid sized, and the A71 is man sized. A71 wins to me.

Mohit Gupta says:

Are these video samples at 4K or 1080p ??

Ajith kumar says:

Amazing work to compare between SE vs Pixel 4a Vs A71… but can you compare Oneplus Nord vs pixel 4a vs SE ???

Soto-Tek says:

The iphone also has the issue of that orange tinge on the skin. Best camera in general the 4a but I would buy the A71 because of the bigger screen and microSD card and the camera is not bad compared to the other 2.

Andy Compean says:

Amo como es exacto en las comparaciones de los celulares que les he puesto el ojo JAJAJJ❤️❤️

Asad Saad says:

A71 is a balanced phone.So for me a71.Bigger display,bigger battery and fast charging, in display fingerprint+face unlock,one ui and versatile camera more features.And new privacy feature "alt z life" is awesome.

Mohit Gupta says:

I was searching for 4a vs A71 camera comparison… And then your notification popped up 🤩🤩
Nice timing

Kazuma- sama says:

Tbh all the people saying A71 won just cause of the additional ultra wide are just Samsung fanboys considering this is almost a Samsung Commercial Channel The iPhone and "Especially" the pixel is just miles ahead plus the pixel is miles ahead in terms of audio quality in video mode compared to the iPhone 🤷🤷🤷

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