Google Pixel 4a Unboxing – Ridiculous.

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Before the Pixel 5, here’s my Google Pixel 4a Unboxing, Review and Camera comparison vs iPhone and OnePlus Nord – This phone is both Ridiculously good, and tantalisingly close to being something game-changing.

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vish rut says:

6:24 "that's what she didn't say'! 😢

misolou fout says:

6:23 : thats what she said

Ramachandran N.R says:

And the video capability is ?????

sandeep kumar says:

There is google one promotion not google drive on pixel 4a

Tluanga Sailo says:

I love how android itself and all following apps and internet sites is also google

jack taylor says:

I use the squeeze sides so much on my pixel 2. I actually believe how much I use it, it's sooo handy

Manasz Rajkhowa says:

For long term use which would be preferable between iphone SE & Pixel 4a?

Vanish Vanilla says:

*Shehnaaz Gill new song❤️🙈 one of the best peppy number of 2020*sanaaaa 😘

Mohd Suhail says:

My grandfather is diagnosed with lung cancer I don’t need likes nor I’m asking you to comment It’s a humble request to you all to just pray for him plz😢

lopamo says:

It's Snapdragon 730, not 730G.

Martiandeath 7004 says:

6:33 it doesn’t use the 730G, it uses the 730

Kantt Ji says:

Wat is dis.. can anyone explain dis to me 🥺😳

Ashish ARORA says:
I never expected.. damn awesome.. must watch👌🏻

Delaney • says:

1:53 missed a good opportunity to say palms are sweaty knees weak arms are heavy

Ronnie Tet Toe says:

Does it support 4G

Wolfgang says:

Very nice iPhone despite his flagship cpu you can't play comfortable with tiny secreen size .
Nord have better GPU and 90hz
But 730g good enough until now to any work load .
But pixel camera can't be denied .

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