Google Pixel 4 XL vs iPhone 11 Pro Camera Comparison

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In this video I show you photos and video from the front and rear cameras of the Google Pixel 4 XL and the iPhone 11 Pro in good lighting conditions.

Low light comparison video:

00:05 – Front Camera indoors 4k
00:43 – Rear Camera
04:19 – Rear Camera Video
09:23 – Front Camera
10:27 – Front Camera Video
11:17 – Summary & Final Thoughts

Music by Joakim Karud

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Kdub Spencer says:

The pixel did better in photos & the iPhone the better in video.

The perfect phone would be the pixel camera, the iPhone video recording , the Galaxy note 10 design and screen , and the OnePlus 7 stock Android experience and one plus 90hz refresh rate.

Fernando Castillo says:

Glad to see the pixel improved their video quality, at least in good lighting and 60 fps, the iPhone is on another league in video but I would like to see less oversharpening when you zoom in, great phones for everyone

Mzwandile Harmans says:

11 pro great in everything here but had few photos that looked washed out like Samsung camera, still the first choice for travels and holiday shooting. There was huge gap on video, 11 pro being ahead.
Pixel I liked the front camera more and audio but it just has many things that it can not do

Dawa lama says:

Great comparison! Why not any night mode comparisons?
iPhone def has the better video quality but I felt that the Pixel isn't that far off but the sound def sounded better to me on the Pixel.

dave62782 says:

Can you do a pixel 3xl vs 4xl camera comparison please?

Toffeet ticklefeet says:

Pixel คะ

SteveW says:

Great comparison video. I like both of these. I've been very pleased with the picture and audio quality of the Pixel 4. But that iPhone looks amazing to. Think I'm going to go iPhone 12 next year. Great video as always 👍

DuHWeeZ says:

photos from Pixel looks dramatic and make me excited.. photos from iphone..meh kinda boring

BloodFlow HigH says:

That iPhone finally looking GOOD. Coming from a LG individual,am impressed.

Mr Atx says:

Great comparison. Great to see the pixel winning in some areas and keeping up in others. Only gonna keep getting better to.

Mr Atx says:

New iPhone audio sounds like the pixel 2 back in the day

spamtelevision says:

Both cameras are great no complain about

namedem says:

thx. please please please sony xperia 5 vs pixel 4 !

Caleb Kan says:

The awesome comparison channel I look forward, great work Grant! 👍

ben dror says:

Thanks so much for the video, should you upgrade from pixel 2 to pixel 4 in terms of camera?

Miss Wonder says:

Thank you! 👍🏼

hienho15 says:

Both are great.

hienho15 says:

Great video. But how is the battery life to the pixel?

Ikhsanji Vinsmoke says:

Team Pixel ✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼

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