Google Pixel 4 XL vs iPhone 11 – 4k Camera Comparison

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Here is our Camera comparison between the google PIxel 4 XL vs the Apple iPhone 11.

More info on the Pixel 4 XL:

More info on the iPhone 11:

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MICH says:

I always thought most iPhone fanboy reviewers choose the iPhone over everything else, they don't know better. Thanks for this review.

Jason Cardoza says:

Nice honest review, I swear all those other "Youtube tech reviewers" are getting paid by Apple to promote their phone lol. You can clearly tell the iphone has more of a yellow hue and isn't as realistic in colors. Great review, get ready for all the iphone fans to start hating 🙂

Chris Panagopoulos says:

what a lovely cat!

spamtelevision says:

What pixel fanboy, most of the iPhone images were blurry and shaky

karlzell wang says:

I think iphone 11 is new king of night photo. Pixel 4 look much noise

Александр Иванов says:

Pixel 4 my choice

Jason Roberts says:

Apple fan babies the pixel 4 xl is still the kill

Modit Bazracharya says:

Hope you guys are all the way what?

Marco Esteban says:

Google keeps making counterfeit iphones 🤣

MrRiverwind says:

Pixel for photography and Iphone for taking video.
I hate the yelowish tint of the iphone I all the pictures. I call it 'The Simpsons Mode'

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