Google Pixel 4 Leaked Model Hands On

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Hands on with Google Pixel 4, Google Pixel 4 XL metallic mock-ups pointing at a design similar to the iPhone 11 (iPhone XI rumors, leaks). Mock-ups like these are used by case manufacturers to design/fabricate cases for upcoming smartphones. Who will have the better square camera implementation Google or Apple?

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Unbox Therapy says:

I'll be talking more about this on Lew Later today, go SUBSCRIBE –

Samuel Dye says:

I thing you are probably wrong about the fingerprint scanner…

Victoria Richardson says:

I really hope this is not the final design its super ugly IMO

Xenta Atnex says:

I'll stick to my pixel 2 xl.

LateNite says:

I'll take one. Maybe.

Jai J says:

Why does he feel that we would take it as next iphone
Havnt we read the title? Lol

Line studios says:

Notches are back

Lewys Cousins says:

It just got confirmed and I don't really know how I feel about it 🤔

tzs finest says:

these new phones gonna be so ugly

David Elliott Lewis says:

WTF! Talking to just hear yourself. So many words on something so little. Really! You wasted 6 minutes and 40 seconds on a video on a square camera cutout?

Simon C says:

I guess that Lew has spy in every tech company

Khalil says:

their whole marketing campaign from the beginning was that weren’t doing the “questionable” or “dumb” things apple was doing, but ever since pixel 2 they’ve been copying apple in almost all design aspects lmfao. fucking embarrassing

Area of Interest says:

1.3M people watching metal brick video.. 🔥🔥🔥

Morrison Boyd says:

awesome video that was leaked

nicksworld says:

Hahaha wow google can’t think of your own design have to copy apple, or maybe apple copied google eh?

austin nichols says:

no fingerprint scanner is a deal breaker imo

Wendell Gu says:

iPhone XI maybe the same

t3knoman00 says:

Or maybe the finger print scanner is in the screen?

Punjabi Guy says:

Wow…Google is going backwards

Spider Tech says:

Imagine if Apple sues Google for copying their design.

Gerald Lee says:

Where did you get that cap?????

x-_-x D4NG3R x-_-x says:

More like iPhone 11

KingJKickz Haley says:

How he got this IDK ,but it was spot on

nirvana328 says:

omg dude…way too long for a leak video. just show it and wrap it up

Kyle Scott says:

Noooo I love the finger print sensor

ctk4949 says:

If its face unlock only, then its a NOOOOO buy!!

Joes Phone No Name says:

Only real retards pay extremely high prices for a phone

Kid powerlifter says:

Google have some “serious” security problems 😓

joão guilherme says:

I think it is fake

Gustavo RuiZ says:

Why is google pixel copying apple like wth that’s so stupid it’s probably gonnna look weird I prefer apple since there are going to be more interesting stuff and btw apple new phone coming out is coming in more colors and pixel is not soo

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