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Google Pixel 2 skins:
Google Pixel 2 Real Camera Review! Google didn’t need to fix a lot on last year’s Pixel, but terrible lens performance was certianly disappointing. Will the Pixel 2 take our top camera of the year awards? Here’s our full camera review!
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Google Pixel 2 Real Camera Review: Auto-Awesome! | Pocketnow


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ANS says:

Why my camera look bad

Lanzzz Empire says:

Is pixel 2 still relevant in 2020?

ChB S says:

Despite how old this model is now, especially when later models having multiple back cameras. I just got a Pixel 2 because of its compatibility with Filmic Pro as far the Camera2 API phones go.

Matthew Davisson says:

The audio on this video is horrible.

malaham patti says:

amazing and real review….!!!!! other youtubers have just exaggerated the camera review..!!

Aleš Cigánek says:

I miss these "Real camera reviews"… 🙁

Black Pink says:

Pixel 2 or lg v 30 ???

Erin Setters says:

At what point does he say mega pickle

Matthias Rambally says:

Juan was the best at these things he's by himself now but he should have stayed a little longer

lefte stali says:

I am between Google pixel 2 and asus zenfone 5,i know that pixel 2 have better cpu,but i need a phone purely for photos and videos at day and night because i travel a lot and i need the best between those 2,any suggestions???

VictorGin Photography Learning says:

can we do anything to have manual control in camera for the phone?

Dandy Adam says:

there seems to be no other phone that can beat the Google Pixel 2 camera's. The legend of camera

Aris AckerMan says:

gonna get PIXEL 2 SOON,Working Hard Right Now :")

rafioo7jb says:

Note Series fan and going to upgrade to note 9 from note 8 but nothing excel then pixel 2 in cameras even new Note 9….

Black styfy says:

White light looks orange on mine

Ashil says:

Does the pixel 2 take time to shoot like gcam in other phones?

Rose Anaya Polo says:

I just realized that Juan is no longer working on this channel so I have canceled my subscription, sorry guys but he was the only one reason I was subscribed, wish you the best 👋🏼

MannyScoots says:

Try Low light and HDR+ ha ha…. amazing…. I optimize my photos using an app called Camera 360 not the camera but the processing….. It makes highlights and vibrance just pop……

Rakesh Karki says:

Galaxy got amazing pic but they should work on low light photos

M R says:

It would be cool if you did a headphone comparison too, budget headphones with great sound quality.

SorrowOfTheWinds says:

Does anyone know why there are no more real camera reviews???

R McClellan says:

Can you switch the front and the back camera when you are making a video?

Souvik says:

When we will see another Real Camera review Juan? 🙁

MCMP says:

Looks like it is not quite there for night shooting, despite being the best. Will stick with my cameras for now.

Mohammad Mustakim Hassan says:

Google is watching you 🙂

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