Google Pixel 2 Camera Test vs. $20k Hasselblad

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A camera review of the Google Pixel 2 XL compared to a very expensive medium format camera
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Camera used to make this video
Lens used for most of this video

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weinerschnitzelboy says:

I personally welcome the comparison. I think every camera enthusiast knows the advantages of swappable lens and large high resolution camera sensors. BUT, instead of taking this as a comparison of just hardware, which everyone here likes to mention, look at this more of a comparison of current digital photography vs future computational photography. Throw in an iPhone X here, and you'll see how far ahead the 2XL is in taking more natural and properly exposed shots with far better dynamic range. So while the all modern high end smartphones run close up against the laws of physics with their tiny lenses and sensors, Google attempts to cheat this with math. The default HDR+ Camera mode of the Pixel 2 XL combines dozens of 12 MP photos with every shutter tap to achieve this impressive dynamic range. The artificial blur is created using the split sides of each camera pixel to get the depth information. That itself is damn impressive. And while it isn't medium format DSLR good, you'd think it was taken with something more than a P&S camera. On a sensor the size of a fingernail.

Emam Araf says:

that's not fair… you're insulting hasselblad

Shekhar Borah says:

R u crazy..

Bongo2k says:

A H4D wouldn't cost anywhere near $20,000 as you can't even buy them new anymore.

Aakash Baranwal says:

Make video with pixel 3xl

Tarun Beast says:

Are you Tintin's sibling ?

Abhinav Kumar Singh says:

Still in 2019?

O,D Gaming&Tech says:

Pixel 3 is a crazy😂😂😂

Seth2508 says:

Try this with the pixel 3

altis peris says:

H συγκριση εχει την αναλογια του Δαυιδ με Γολιαθ αν θελουμε ναμαστε δικαιοι.. Μια Hasseblad ειναι μια Ηasselblad!!

zodiacfml says:

I'm a big fan of MF cameras with CCD sensors. I've blown away by the images these things produce. I cannot afford it but fortunately I was able to find a similar image feel without costing much, Sigma Foveon sensor camera with 4.7 megapixels. I'm certain that these two cameras produce images that satisfies me.

I can't explain why until…..I got the Google Nexus 5 smartphone. I was blown away when I started to play with it. It gave me a similar feeling with those cameras above (as long as viewed on the screen of the phone)

I researched how on earth Google was able to do that. I learned that their HDR technique exposes for the highlights. This also meant that the HDR camera also exposes for the bright color highlights which rarely blows out!

It turns out that my preference is for colors not to blow out in the highlights.

Anyways, new FF and MF cameras don't interest me until they get this part right (like through multiple exposures and bake the info in a RAW file)

zodiacfml says:

4:11 just nitpicking. not really zooming in but an adequate viewing size. a thumbnail size in instagram is, i guess, is about 3-4 MP worth of resolution.
still a valid test though! most images nowadays are shared and viewed on mobile phones.

Womokhsudoff says:

Крч, что победило?

mada faka says:

I just comment to reach 1000 comments

kartik sharma says:

please give one pixl phone please please


Can you give me the link of the camera that you've used in comparison

Ghost Rider says:

He looks alike danny d🤣🤣

Random Kid says:

Used ones are Wayyyyyyy cheaper

AwesomeBrilliance says:

hello tyler – considering the "canon 4000d" is this battery powered? the "film" i'm guessing is the micro sd card? i'm guessing there's a pretty simple taggle button that allows you to pan in and out of your subject? is there a "canon 4000d" or older version of a:  or an older DSLR Camera or  Canon 4000D or  Canon 2000D or  Canon SL2 or Nikon D3500    may ship to me? thanks

Akelli04 says:

Сравниваем лодку с авианосцем реально классное сравнение, заебись🤙🏿

JonneyETV says:

This is ridiculous

Black Power Entertainment says:

What people need to understand is just how the moon landing was a terrible travesty of videography and when you go back and watch it now you see how ridiculously bad it was staged because the technology was just terrible compared to the crazy CGI that they pull off with the Tesla Space care and International Space Station, given enough time, whether you think its "possible" or not, computing will actually replicate physics so well that the human brain will literally not be able to tell the difference or dare I say that it will surpass the DSLR in quality achieving a level of clarity that you could only find on a large format camera? I do dare say so my friends, what a time to be alive.

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