Go Pro 2 Vs. Drift Hd – Action Cameras Contrasted

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Let’s put both largest action cams head-to-head and contrast them. These are the helmet video cameras that every guy and his canine desires – the GoPro Hero 2 and the Drift HD from Drift Innovations.

GoPro 2 vs. Drift HD General Specs Contrasted

In terms of basic specs and attributes, the GoPro 2 and Wander HD are virtually the exact same. They both shoot Full HD 1080p, and have all the various other resolution options between. Both have variable structure rates e.g. 30 fps and 60 fps if you would like to do funeral pace.

Top quality of video clip and noise does lean to the GoPro 2 after viewing other reviews, video clips and contrast articles. Certainly, that top quality must be a top concern when taking into consideration which one to buy. That isn’t really to claim the Drift HD does not deliver fantastic high quality, simply that GoPro 2 has actually been understood to excel marginally in this group.

Dimension and weight do diverse a little here but not by a lot. Since the Drift HD is a much smaller sized than its older bro, the Drift Stealth, it is now a quite similar dimension to the GoPro. Apparent distinctions are in the style and color. Price Contrast

Rates are also relatively affordable, and you won’t locate much difference on rate between the different online shop that provides them to the purchasing public. Amazon.com generally has the most effective prices if you would like to buy either the GoPro Hero 2 or Wander HD.

At this time, GoPro 2 RRP is $299.00 (Outdoor, Browse, Motorsports) fundamental plan, however could be picked up at a mild discount for around $284 at Amazon.com.

The Drift HD is offering practically almost everywhere for $299.00 whether you go to Amazon.com or various other Online stores.

$15 difference in price is not massive, but for some, it could make their decision to acquire lean towards the a little more affordable GoPro 2 Hero yet always remember regarding all the add-ons for the GoPro 2.

In the beginning appearances, the GoPro 2 perhaps a little more affordable or the same rate depending on where you look around but the Drift HD comes a slew of built-in features that or else you ‘d need to pay added for with the GoPro.

If rate and specifications are a problem, then it’s very important you inspect every function both brand names need to provide; through this, you will certainly manage to establish which of the two really fulfills your needs and your budget plan.

Other Features To Review

Drift HD Action Electronic camera Viewfinder

A great deal of users think about the viewfinder attribute to be highly essential, particularly when they are taking outdoor gos that focus on zoom detail. The Drift HD provides a benefit below by having the viewfinder feature available as an integrated feature, while the GoPro 2 has it as an add-on only. GoPro 2 individuals are thus based on buying an add-on accessory in order to delight in the functions of the viewfinder mode.

Push-button control

Users which would like to enjoy the hands-free comfort of a remote to transform the electronic camera on and off have an advantage without extra expense with the Drift HD. With the included remote, you have the ability to take photos, set camera focus and shoot videos-and even pair the unit with other electronic cameras by means of cordless control. This feature could be quite helpful when taking higher danger scenes. The GoPro 2 meanwhile has the cordless function available as an add-on function, similar to the add-on viewfinder.


The Bluetooth function is not typical in a lot of outside video cameras, but the GoPro 2 has it available as an add-on tool that can be attached to its units. Presently, the Drift HD doesn’t have this function available in their units.


Resolution is highly important for taking still photos. Camera individuals which are a lot more inclined to appreciate instant, crisp photos may rely more on the GoPro 2, which is available in an 11 megapixel resolution. The Drift HD at the same time has simply a 9 megapixel resolution.


The weight of the electronic camera is also essential; it is an indication of exactly how handy can the cam be used for trip. The GoPro 2 has a weight of 168 grams, as as compared to the Drift HD at simply 125 grams. Some individuals favor the much heavier cam however; this is since the higher weight supplies much better stability specifically when mounted on a tripod or positioned in a stable surface area for shooting video clips. Lightweight cameras meanwhile are more convenient for portable shots, and still images.


Both the GoPro 2 and the Drift HD are water resistant, with the former able to reach up to 60 meters. The Drift HD on the other hand has a waterproof instance readily available as an add-on feature, and it is often acquired separately. This makes the Drift HD more ideal for use in taking undersea tries, specifically in shoots that surpass 60 meters listed below sea level however the GoPro 2 will suffice for any type of water degree activities like browsing, snowboarding or basic enjoyable around water with the casing provided in the box.

Rotatable Lens

Individuals who desire to discover on the different angles and zooms could locate great usage of the Drift HD due to its rotatable lens function. The GoPro 2 meanwhile has a fixed lens, restricting the turning and leaves you having to be a lot more imaginative with exactly how you position the camera.

Shared Qualities

Besides the attributes mentioned above, the GoPro 2 and Drift HD share relatively the very same features such as:.

\* Video clip resolution at 1080p.
\* Lens angle of around 170 degrees.
\* Sequential photos showcase.
\* Battery life of around 2.5 hours.
\* As much as 60 frameworks each second in HD.
\* 32GB extensible memory.
\* Internal mic (the Drift HD provides an exterior mic as an add-on gadget).
\* Featured mounts.

Last Standings.

If you just desire a basic to utilize electronic camera however sill have all the attributes currently integrated to a small pocket dimension headgear camera after that the Drift HD is a piece of cake here. Straight out of the box, you’ve got a higher performance activity cam and can forget all the inconveniences of carrying around accessories with the Drift HD


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