Getting THE SMOOTHEST possible footage!! Unboxing the MOVI PRO!

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Unboxing the freefly MOVI Pro – An incredible 3 axis-gimbal that will absolutely blow your mind and change your footage forever!
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My Super Awesome Tactical Camera Bag :
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Peter McKinnon says:

Who else can't focus on ANYTHING when you are waiting for mail to arrive? Just me?! Comment below!

d3rdo says:

what happened to your left arm?

Nick Grimm says:

I guess we have to wait to see any footage you got off it….. 🙁

Adel Elmasry says:

Really awesome, Peter , I love it .

Sansycorn says:

i got this in my recommended and i am shocked that you ignored the bubble wrap like that. Unbelievable.

Kai Lovel says:

The bouncing boom mic in the top of the frame made my day

Juan David Sánchez Torres says:

Peter the type of guy that still uploads in 1080p smh

IAN Chanyy says:

What's in the box?!?

HappyValentin says:

Happy Birthday – sort of right? 😉

Jonathan Torres says:

Cool gadgets+ best coffee on earth= happy life!!!!

Dan Is Not All That says:

this is orgasmic.

Alejandro Penner says:

Hey Pete 👋 – 092

B Sc says:

"Sorry babe, cant see you for who knows how long, Im playing with my gimbals". 6:48. "squeeeallllll!"

Markus Hartig says:

Why don't you show some footage?

Charles Carmichael says:

Whats the name of the one wheel skateboard?

Maninder Kaur says:

7:40 I thought you'd say 'My Prrrecious'.

Rio Roberts Sr says:

4 years for a package wtf

kreig perdigon says:

Omg that's awesome really really awesome, 👌👌👌 that's my dream stabilizer, its so awesome

ZCoW Zombiecowninja says:

HOw much does that cost

Joran Animatie says:

6:11 boob Haha

João Santos says:

My face when that thing started moving :OOOO
awsome content, as allways

Gaming in Telugu says:

Unbox therapy should watch this…

Chrstian Jeorge Cathag says:

Please give me a camera

From philippines

You Click says:

What's up man!

Where to buy it?!

Pine Cone Eagle Man says:

My wallet would be drooling, except it’s all dried out

Francis Bohol says:

it really amaze me . like i want to have one 🙂 .. i like it so much .. here from philippines !!!

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