GE-X500 Digital Camera Review

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علي هادي حسين says:

كامرات عاليه الدقه

CC Davenport says:

Thanks we try to offer real life reviews, I still use the GE-X500 a lot and it takes great photos.

TheHerringy says:

This camera takes superb photos, in strong daylight no different to dslr, quite good even in low light. Good features too, however the video (which looks great) does not sound great as the mic seems over sensitive. Even if covered up, often still hear wind. Shame about this, as after a year of owning this camera, this is the only downside I've detected. Buy good rechargeable AA's 2000+mah and they will last well between charges.

Shaun Wright says:

good info/advice I have a gec x500 on the way

Deven B. says:

Thank you and I'm getting it soon and you helped a lot if you want to see my pictures of still life and nature pics on face book go to Bigley Photography page

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