GE x500 digital camera review kinda

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Jay Cornelius says:

how to i reboot it


Can you tell us where the hell is the IOS function for this cam?


Hi, can you please tell me how to restart the camera? It says that the lens is obstructed and I have to restart

Info Set says:

As I set up to take a picture of the moon that I can not focus …
thanks !!

hdisandman says:

how do I set this up to get pictures of northern lights?

DolittleMccoy says:

I bought this camera in 2012. It is a really good camera, especially for the price. I bought mine for $85 at Magic Mart. It has tons of settings but i've gotten use to the one that i like the best and never have taken the time to actually see what all it can do.. My only complaint about this camera is that it loves Batteries !!!!! I feel as if i can put new batteries in it and by the time i've taken afew pics and reviewed the menu its Dead.. Drives me nuts… The more expensive lithium batteries work the best, but all in all. It is a great camera

Smurf431 says:

Useless…the 8 year old kid that did a "review" of this camera did a better job! LOL

Scott Rex says:

This camera is compact, battery hungry and cheep.  However, its image quality is outstanding.  Im a photographer and some how this cheep little bastard has not left my side this year.  Looking for ward to the updated version. 

abdullah king says:

this camera is not good quality
nikon is best of all
i have nikon l320

Bts Tax Serv says:

PIG! ahahahahahah

Bts Tax Serv says:


Cecii Balm says:

Someone now if i an put a tripod

mary ashley says:

im getting mine from $109 at walmart

mary ashley says:

where did you get yours from the one im gonna get is $109

Devon Gaudet says:

does it work on mac?

Quinn Perry says:

How is the fish eye on this camera? 😀

Denisse Gomez says:

What . I got mine for $80 . Lmao


Would it be a good deal if I get it for 109 shipped

sirupyjeans571 says:

is the camera allowed to have recharged batteries??

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