GE X5 DSLR Style Digital Camera Review & Test

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A truly awful camera, if you want my honest opinion. Its automatic white balance leaves quite a bit to be desired whenever photos with the flash enabled are taken; subsequent pictures are a sickly shade of blue and are always overexposed.

Video mode is even worse, wherein the sound of the sluggish and unpredictable autofocus grinding away is clearly audible in the video’s audio.

Did I mention, it had an insatiable hunger for AA batteries that couldn’t be satisfied?

(This video sat uploaded and forgotten for nearly six months. Toward the latter part of the video is talk of the IBM Thinkpad R60 and its short-lived RAM upgrade.


Brittany Nicole says:

This camera sucks. For some reason my pictures are always blurry. My phone can take better pictures than this !!

Batman's Fan says:

should a beginner to photography buy this and does this shoots portraits or not kindly tell me should i go for it in 2018. or not because its a budget cam for new starter

rsty.c FTW says:

How do you focus?

Lulu's Life says:

I have this camera. It takes beautiful photos, as long as you're outside or in good lighting. Low light or videos are trash. 😭

Jeezy Customs says:

i have this camera. I really like it. good focus and zoom.😋 love the lens!

Nyx TV says:

hi! can you help me? my ge x5 which im using right now is not working properly.. my concern is that when i record a video it has sounds when i play it in the camera.. but when i take the video file and play it in my computer it has a buzzing sounds that goes like this tet tet tet tet tet tet in the entire video. whats wrong with this? please help me fix this.

wolf boiii says:

is this camera worth 87.45 $

redcherrydotstar says:

another informative upload 🙂

WaybackTECH says:

I have a Fuji camera, bought new in 2008 for about $350 on newegg. It resembles this camera in many ways, including the use of AA batteries, which I like on that camera. Battery life is really good with high capacity AA rechargeable. The lens is different, but the body, controls and OSD are very much identical except this is white, and mine is black. I showed it off in one of my recent videos about my first Youtube channel which was shot with that camera. This one doesn't have as good of mic, but the video image looks the same.

gmcnewlook says:

Looks like a canon powershot knockoff (the ones that look like an dslr but arent)

themaritimegirl says:

What an odd camera. To be fair, GE did not manufacture this or have any hand in it's creation. General Imaging is a completely separate company, and licenses the GE brand for their products.

KSLTech Studios says:

I remember seeing these back in the day at my local SuperStore, seemed interesting, and I had laughed at the sight of it. Cnet had even done their own review of it: .

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