Galaxy S20 vs S20 Plus Unboxing + Camera Test with TOF!

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Here is the Galaxy S20 vs Galaxy S20 Plus Unboxing. Alot of you wanted to know what the difference was between the Samsung Galaxy S20 vs the Samsung Galaxy S20+ so I did that along with a S20 vs S20 plus camera comparison test to see if the TOF sensor actually makes a difference. Who wins between the Galaxy S20 vs S20 Plus? Make sure you watch my Galaxy S20 Ultra Unboxing and Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera videos. Full Galaxy S20 review and Galaxy S20 Plus review also coming soon. Don’t miss my Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera vs S20 Plus Camera comparison Test. I have you covered in all things Galaxy S20.

Watch all the videos here:

Galaxy S20 Ultra vs S20+ Camera Comparison:

Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Comparison:

Galaxy S20 Ultra Unboxing in 8K Shot with S20 Ultra:

Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Video Stabilization Test:

Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Pixel 4XL vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Low Light Camera Comparison:

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Danny Winget says:

Does the Time of Flight sensor make a difference in the Camera Comparison? Make sure you don't miss my Galaxy S20 Ultra vs S20+ Camera Comparison Test. Watch here:

cat123711 says:

2:23 what it this game XD

treelon musk says:

i want the s20 so bad but covid-19 is in the damn way.
i cant work because of covid-19.

000Aleksei says:

Дизлайк за то что нет видео

000Aleksei says:

Где видео тест?

Online says:

Glad I got the S20, it's the perfect phone for me.

Мурад Кебедов says:

where it is sold in this color ?

Ralph Cobarrubias says:

Watching from my S20+

Mavindra Ganga says:

Bruh just but the regular s20 unless u don't care

Muwa Martin says:

what game was that you were playing?

kingsman castil says:

Wanna see battery test of this two phone at 120hz refresh rate, who will be winner ? Hehe

Gena ANTG says:

I need this one white.

Angelique Staney says:

The s20 has a darker contrast and the s20+ is lighter because of the improvement to take pictures in the dark.

# CERO says:

Name this game plz 2:23

rayamoroso126 says:

For years I've been buying Samsung top of the line flagship model. This is the 1st year where I didn't feel it was worth it. For 1000bucks the s20 gets the job done. I couldn't spend 400 more for the upgrades that are only b 90dgs improved by a fraction. Just mty.

Bartek fcb says:

Would it be possible to do a comparison between s20 exynos vs s20 snapdragon?

Ritwik Singh says:

Which game was shown in the video ?

Vebruce Vebruce says:

would you test the compatability of snapdragon version s
20 with filmic pro ,cause it's really a big deal for those cinematic videos,would it support 60 fps recording with the app

Jameboy Lourds says:

At 4:09,that wording of s20/s20+ looks perfect on the peppermint charcoal mmmmmmocha signage,at a glance,I thought Samsung was giving out free drinks🤣

Rabia Muzaffar says:

Need S20 Plus and Note 10 Plus Camera Comparison Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

Peter Behr says:

For me s20 looks more natural, s20+ a bit obersharpend

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