Galaxy S20 vs Pixel 4 XL! Camera Test Comparison

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Today we’re comparing the new Samsung #GalaxyS20 vs Google #Pixel4 XL: camera comparison test! Results in both photo and video were very surprising! Let’s compare daytime & low-light photo + 4K video, portrait mode, telephoto zoom, auto focus, stabilization, slow-motion, and more! Which one do you like better?

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Jessie Birax says:

S20 🔥🔥🔥

Aatu Airaksinen says:

Where is mavic mini video???!?

Simon C says:

Does the S20 have an astrophotography mode?

Paul Andarzgar says:

My favorite channel.

John Manalo says:

The Pixel will detect if you are holding the phone or clipped on a tripod. That is the reason why the Night Sight took so long to take a shot. Try holding it and it will only take a few seconds to do so.

Nikolas Gunadi says:

Pixel needs to step up from that 12MP and get to at least 24MP

Василий Пупкин says:

Pixel is my favorite.

Carrie Bishop says:

Authen Tech, OK it's been three of your last videos are all about cameras again. Want to please do some other types of reviews that don't relate to cameras or phones? I only say that because you've already saturated that part. Now let's get on with some other unusual handy dandy contraptions. Looking forward to that.

Matthew Smiley's Aviation Center says:

Who else lives in Huntsville alabama? Reply to this comment

Aleksander Cross says:

On the s20 sound recording is terrible. Like from the toilet. this is most likely due to strong digital noise reduction

Vitya says:

Why are you still out and about walking? Pleas stay at home. #covid19isreal #stayathome

Sanjula Jayasinghe says:

Nice video. Keep it up 👍

Khan Saddarani says:

S20 making a real deal situation here, its dominating man. Lmao

Tarikh Aziz says:

such as cool review 😊
Go ahead✌

Radu Verdes says:

I don't like audio recording quality in Samsung S20 series, noise reduction creates robotic artifacts, I'm hoping for updates that fix the problem. Solid camera quality for both Samsung and Pixel but processing algorithm is superior most of the time on Google device; Samsung don't use superior hardware advantages at their potential. Very good review, as always 🍀.

Mohammad Aslam says:

This year pixel are disaster

Ajay Awsib says:

Please do a comparison between s20 vs s20 and turn off beauty mode and off the scene optimizer pleaseeeeeee

Vishwajit Menon says:

We should admire the quality, the detail that he is talking like I mean he is one of the best tech youtubers out there, he deserves more likes and lot more subscribers

rcx M says:

The s20 is destroying the pixel imo :0 . Better in every senario(i dont mind slightly vibrant colours ). ….Wont be needing G cam anymore 🙂
Great comparison by da way..

Te Amo says:

Very honest video

hienho15 says:

The only thing the pixel doesn't have is wide angle.

Farhan Nurdiansyah says:

I don't know why but I personally prefer the Pixel color tone. Even I have installed Gcam in my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9).

ben dror says:

The colors in pixel 4 are much more realistic.

Zayd Mohammad says:

I thought the mic was not as loud as the s20 in most cases but more clean and crisp

Zayd Mohammad says:

I preferred the s20 in most cases but I think I’d get the pixel because of phone colours/matte finish and stock android.

Treasure M says:

The s20 was just better in almost every category imo.

Angel Rivera says:

If we talk the features S20 win this competition, but when we talk about colors quality and real colour Pixel 4 XL absolutely win

Pensamento Lúcido says:

I don't have any money for either, because I'm seeing this,: / ?

Pineappleman 123 says:

Awesome video

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