Galaxy S20 vs Note10+! Camera Test Comparison

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My honest camera comparison test of Samsung Galaxy S20 (Non-Ultra) vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus! Daylight and low-light photos, selfie cam + portrait mode, triple camera 4K video, jogging stabilization, mic audio, auto focus, and more!

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AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

Which camera do you guys like better?! (Stay safe out there 🙂

Jesus Martinez Ayala says:

You are from Huntsville Alabama

gotchie15 says:

lol, note 10 plus is more usefull specially when you doing some office work.. taking notes.. skecthing..

Syed Humza Reza says:

S20 has better auto focus right ? But definetly not enough of a difference to warrant an upgrade.

Mistyshade says:

I have the Note 10+ and I'm happy to say that I think I'll keep it for few generations ^^


Can you please do the review of "Mi Note 10" camera ? Thank you

Bad OR BAD says:

Note 10+ is still good camera

Marilin Puig says:

Waiting for the new Note to come out. I have no complaints about my Note 10+ and certs only not willing to give up the s-pen.

Carlo Mario says:

The difference on picture quality is so little and then you have the stylus utility. It depends on the user.

Bob Martin says:

Note 10 and 10+ are the best from Samsung.

Miłosz Marciniak says:

Note 10 is the best 😆😆

Marco Tha Low says:

They increasing the quality of cameras during a phones live, the Camera on the Note 10 looked way better when it came out. All to let the new cameras look better

петър йорданов says:

Note 10 plus rocks… Period!!!!

Oskar E says:

Would be interesting to see how the Note10+ performed with less than a month old firmware to current firmware.

Kalidasan S says:

Note 10plus

Thekeyman1 says:

I don't know but to me the Note 10+ is looking a little better overall.

Greg technic says:

Is the note 10+ camera the same as the s10+

Xavier Vilhargra says:

A evolução é 5%… nao vale o preço!!!!

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