Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11 Pro! Camera Test Comparison

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My ultimate in-depth camera comparison test of Samsung Galaxy S20 (Non-Ultra) vs iPhone 11 Pro! 8K video, 64MP full-res photos, ultra hybrid zoom, running stabilization, mic audio, auto focus, low light tests, and more!

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Instagram Insta says:

S 20 kings telephones

Siders Productions says:

This man ran next to a ravine of sorts while wearing sunglasses with two phones and did not fall in. Next level man.😂 Love your videos.

rEEtarded Huskar says:

Done subscribe

softykoala says:

my only problem with the s20 lies in the microphone, while many people prefer the good noise cancellation, i dont like how much it drowns out the background, if youre taking a video and its really quiet it will be pretty awkward, but on the iPhone you get the more natural sounds, but like he said, and I said before, at the cost of sometimes having much more wind in your videos, honestly the iphones microphone is my preference though. both are great phones in the end.

Rinaldi Cansino says:


Marcus Paterson says:

What if the s20 beats the s20 ultra in doxmark

FunnyVines says:

S20 has the best hardware but the iPhone has the best software for the camera

Travis Pluss says:

Every camera comparison video I see seems to have different results. Typically iPhone would be more color accurate, but this video seems to show that Samsung is being more color accurate for example.

iakob Kv says:

Very biased review

Kin B says:

I regretted I got S20+ instead of S20 Ultra, but now I love my S20+ after watching this video.

Jordi Gutierrez says:

The only thing I disagree with is him saying that the iPhones skin tones were less accurate than the s20. As an s10 user Samsung's skin tones are not the move.

DW Gadgets says:

Fish in the River where is that so cool?

Yakir aharon says:

Samsung destroyed Apple in the sound test wow

Hansa Welgama says:

iPhone 11 Pro Max❤️


I prefer iphone cause is more natural

عبدالخالق says:

S20 Video With 11 Pro Sound

AEniMark says:

i see front-face camera is still better on iphone.

atere olusola says:

The duck is gonna sue you for image rights lol, s20 won in my opinion, let's wait and see what iPhone 12 will bring to the table

Vishwajit Menon says:

You have done such a great job on comparing smartphone camera and the way you compare the cameras is way better than anyother tech youtuber compares. You also explained it in a very detailed way which is awesome and the video quality and content that you make is just great. You deserve way more subscribers than you have currently and you did a smart move buying the cheapest model instead of the higher end model because everyone just reviews the top end model and get the same results but you took a different path and gave different answers.

Garret141076 says:

Didn't expect this. Great to review the regular S20

Vinícius Gabriel says:

My God, the iPhone camera is much better, impressive

Unoriginal YouTube Name says:

This was a great comparison. So many other videos were pretty bad imo

Ume Hyuga says:

Thank you for this video. I prefer to S20 than S20 Ultra because I really like compact flagship.

Adrian from Falkirk UK says:

samsung has better refresh,speed,photos and screen
iphone has better video camera,speakers,dolby vision video play,better hdr and stabilization.

Devashish Biswas says:

S20 ultra ✔️ 😍😍😍❤️👍

Samet Doğan says:

S20 exynos or snapdragon?

Dian Putrawangsa says:

I hope these phone manufacturers learn from each other to make their best camera on smartphone

Wertyoz Werty says:

Samsung won

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