Galaxy S20 VS Huawei P30 Pro VS LG G8X – Camera Comparison!

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The ultimate Camera Comparison between the new Samsung Galaxy S20, the Huawei P30 Pro and LG G8X! I’ve included sample day time and night time videos, pictures, portrait mode pictures, zoom pictures, selfies and much more!
What phone has better cameras? The P30 Pro, the Galaxy S20 or LG G8X? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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GamerRO25 says:

AI picture mode is so crap on Samsung, makes the pictures look like a Disney movie. It should be disabled!

Ced. A says:

great video btw

Ced. A says:

should i get the P30 Pro or the G8X ?

1nterceptor says:

Yeah, saturation tends to be a bit crazy as you mentioned – mostly if you leave that dumb AI on. Turn it off and you will notice the difference immediately.
Anyway, G8x makes mostly understated pictures but still can oversaturate – depending on the scene…

Brandon Clevert says:

Did you enable the scene mode again on that S20? It would be interesting to see it without scene mode since you complain about saturation a lot.

P&I Tech says:

P30 pro most colour accuracy?? Are you joking??🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 i will never see your videos again because you are not honest and talking 💩💩

Schneider says:

SUMMARY: I'd get the P30 Pro for photography and videos during both day and night time. The G8X for portraits and selfies and a very capable daylight camera. The S20 for instagram pictures and jogging videos, the perfect blogger/vlogger phone, dare I say it's designed for Samsung's influencers? Not much of a competition when laid out like this, each phone has a clear purpose for their cameras. Full judgement below.

1st, 2nd, 3rd

For Zoom: P30 Pro is excellent. S20 is blurry. G8X has very low detail, obviously.

Ultrawide: P30 Pro is very good overall but too much contrast and blue sky in some pictures, I really don't like that. G8X is close behind with nicer exposure in some photos, but too much saturation and HDR in others. S20 is like the G8X but with way too high saturation and green tint.

Aperture mode: G8X has the best edge detection and blur. S20 not as good colors as the P30 Pro but gets slightly better edge detection. P30 Pro is just a bit behind in edge detection, bad luck?

Portraits: I can't judge, all 3 struggled. The P30 Pro has a slight green tint. The S20 is way too warm. The G8X is quite pink but probably the best one overall.

Daylight: P30 Pro is very good, not much else to say. G8X is a bit behind with way too much HDR. S20 sometimes green tint, way too saturated, way too much sharpening and too much HDR.

Night: P30 very detailed and sharp, in my view most "natural" and pleasant white balance and exposure. S20 good but not as sharp and has some blurry artifacts but better highlight control. G8X can't compete.

Video daylight: P30 Pro good white balance and colors though reds are a a bit saturated, good stabilisation. G8X close second with better colors but focus pulsing (or stabilisation artifacts?) while running. S20 very good stabilisation but way too cold, saturated sky and poor exposure.

Video night: P30 Pro has the best details and least noise. S20 is close behind. G8X is not bad but too noisy.

Microphone: P30 Pro has very full sound with the best noise cancellation. G8X close behind but not as effective noise cancellation. S20 last because it sounds terrible and tinny once noise cancellation kicks in which doesn't even reduce the noise, just removes the lower frequencies of everything.

Selfies daylight: G8X is excellent. P30 Pro is very close second, hard to tell from 2 samples. S20 is last with too bright and saturated.

Selfies night: G8X is great. S20 is quite close behind. P30 Pro is alright when there's some light but falls apart as the light gets weaker.

Pacman 83 says:

P30 all the way.
That Samsung looks very artificial, especially in the colouring of pictures. The daylight looks fake.

Skrivenix says:

I heard this s20 phone takes rainy blurry pics in low light situations like inside a house tho…

cambsflyer42 says:

Concidering the P30 Pro has been out a while now, it holds its own, and floors it over the other cameras.
It's night shooting is unmatched, as is its Leica Lens system.
When you think you can get on contract a P3P for half the price of the S20 it's a no brainer.
I used to stick with Samsung Galaxy Flagship phones for years, and tbh I found each phone crammed with third party useless apps', and I found very little difference from each, apart from minute screen size differences.
Going for the P30 Pro was the best move ever, and even a good friend who has the S10 admits it can't even come close to the P3P for low light shots, and basically in general.
Trouble is Samsung has such a die hard following like iPhone users, that even if something does a better job, their dismiss it and still say theirs does a better job.
Lol, this has been the only time I've written something about a phone, but from eight years using Samsung phones, yes their very good, to say otherwise is foolish, but as iphones, from my experience, there terribly over rated as the begin & end all of Andriod Smart Phones!

John P says:

Was the scene optimiser on with the Samsung s20?

Farhan Ahmad says:

P30 pro is best

Anesu Thabede says:

LG should just quit making phones.


Mine Full Stop says:

Huawei is years ahead of competition and not just in smartphones but in networking, 5G etc

TechPimp says:

Hope you redue it when you get your hands on the V60

Mulota Shammah says:

LG G8 is killer value!!!


Selfie Cam & Video – LG G8x
Back Cam – S20

Jason 07 says:

I still love the p30 pro, the pictures it takes are really amazing… Huawei is gonna take over Samsung to be the top cellphone brand 💪🏼

Bojan Lovric says:

P30 Pro King ❤
Well, 108mpx, 100x zoom..Samsung, what happening…? Shame on you Samsung for your gimmick.

Luchamax TV says:

The clear shot and video is i choose the Huawei P30 pro its almost same shot to LG G8x

Luchamax TV says:

It's very helpful to us your review sir, about the gadgets around the globe i always watching your video last i saw your review about the akaso v50 pro vs. go pro hero what's the best picture and video i choice the akaso v50 pro than more cheaper to go pro hero it's almost same quality i notice the akaso v50 pro is low quality it's comes to external mic. But all in all its a good action camera that's why I order it now in online shopping thanks sir redskull to your video.god bless

GamingWiffJohn says:

Imho, the P30 Pro wins it all except for night-time selfie's. Especially the video on the P30 Pro is amazing. Just look at the snow! It looks real! On the Samsung and LG it looks so blue and fake, nasty!

Thomas Müthing says:

The P30 Pro wins all the still picture comparisons, the S20 wins on videos. As for the LG, it's behind on both.

Aryan Ramteke says:

Do you know anything besides color saturation and what you say, "the bluish sky".

Naresh Technical says:

P30 pro 👌 👌
Watching this on my Huawei P30 Pro 😊

Susovon Sardar says:

P30 pro is Better than both phones

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