Galaxy S20 Ultra vs S20 Plus Camera Comparison Test!

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Here is the most requested Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Galaxy S20 Plus Camera comparison. The Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera is the biggest and baddest with 108MP but how does the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus camera do against it? The Samsung Galaxy S20+ is cheaper, lighter and more portable so here is your answer if the S20 Plus stacks up. Which Camera takes it? The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera or the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Camera? Do you want to see the smallest Galaxy S20 camera test since its the same as the Galaxy S20 Plus? Stay Tuned for the Full Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Review and Galaxy S20 Plus review.

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Danny Winget says:

Was the Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera better or was the Galaxy S20 Plus? Watch the S20 Ultra Camera vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Pixel 4 XL Low Light Camera Test here:

Jets Jones says:

Thanks for this video, really helped me choose! Looking forward to receiving my S20 Plus! 😎

Mapantz1 says:

It's embarrassing than the Ultra is not blowing the competition away, and the fact that the S20+ is, overall, doing a better job in the camera department. The hype of the Ultra has failed, badly. I'm definitely getting the S20+.

giteart says:

I was expecting more difference in low light from the much bigger sensor of the ultra vs the plus. Now the zoom in 10x is better of course in the ultra but realisticaly speaking who's gonna use it anyway? Pictures are not instagram worth posting anyway. 100x zoom is a joke. Not useable at all. Just to have fun with friends maybe and thats it.
Too bad the ultra is so big and heavy. Might opt for the plus

Tone Blanco says:

Can't wait for the LG V60. The Ultra isn't worth that price.

Ronald Pontuya says:

Im gonna get my S20 Ultra in 2 days and i felt robbed after watching this video. You just made Ultra owners feel so bad. 😅

Ronald Pontuya says:

I was so happy about Ultra's performance in the comparison video vs iphone11pro and google pixel until i saw this video. What happened really?

Matthew Crockford says:

The S20 plus did very well!

Shabeer Mv says:

Next question. As for the camera, Is it worth to spend for s20 over S10 or oneplus 7 pro?

Jess G says:

Iphone white balance as bad as ultra

BaRaKuL says:

wait new software for s20 ultra

Kelvin Lim says:

Utra Bokeh is so obvious

DjStanceZ says:

I didn't by the ultra for the camera I bought it for the 16gig worth of ram and 512gig of storage.

DIY MAN says:

the tree of life. The S20+ shows the deer standing and the s20 ultra shows it sitting. The cameras can see 2 different things. Haha 😂😅🤣

itchynoob says:

2:04 the hell is going on in the background with the ultra

Mark Bianchi says:

Great comparison, definitely happy with my choice to purchase the S20+ as I really couldn't justify the extra cost for the Ultra with only a couple of minor differences, slightly bigger screen and 500mah extra in battery, which will mainly assist with the extra screen area and harder working camera.

saurabh muneshwar says:

still no the reason behind 108 mp camera

Manoj says:

I will be picking up the lower end S20 today. For me, S20 is the perfect balance of comfortable handling with decent viewing experience. I was little worried about the lack of TOF sensor for live focus, but in my tests at multiple stores side by side it did not make any noticeable difference between S20 and S20+.

Manoj says:

Special edition “Oil Painting” 😀😀😀

David Juřica says:

Video with new update?

Troy S says:

Perhaps ultra is more natural but plus is more pleasing.

Gungrave N says:

Good video, but awsome place😊😊

Mohammed Gamlo says:

The S20+ is definitely the winner.

Kevin says:

S10+ vs S20+ camera comparison please

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