Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Professional Camera – Photographer Review!

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Test vs Pro Photographer and Camera! Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Pro Camera Review. Does the S20 Ultra stack up against a full frame photography camera? Check out this Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Review from a professional photographer to find out! Subscribe for my Galaxy S20 Ultra Review!

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Ahmed IV says:

Duuude stop zooming in the photos just see how Beautiful colors and sharpness comes out from the Ultra …. who want to zoom 100× in the photo

anglosaxonbreed says:

HOW good was his camera a playing music does it have stereo speaker. y Does his camera support sat nav? DOES his camera support google pay or samsung pay. THE Samsung ultra is the best smart phone camera on any phone inluding the Iphone pro max. There is a lot more to a great phone than a camera.. Most people who use camera phones iu it for the memories holiday snaps. IT would be a poor poor professional photographer if he used any smart phone on your wedding photos. Samsung make some great cámaras if you need more than out of the pocket experience for photo. A Stupid comparison.

Jaye S says:

I’m considering to buy s20 ultra but I’ve seen from other reviewers that there is an issue with the camera’s autofocus. Is that true?

Michael Gutierrez says:

If you can't tell does it matter? =)

Lim Ty says:

Are you okay? I mean you two!!!
Tiny samsung cam vs Sony full frame,
Let me hold your beers you two go home

WILL -I-AMZ says:

I've said it before, I'm selling one of my kidneys to go ultra!!

CarGuy TV says:

Sony a7 iii vs s20 ultra….??? Hahaha ask some real photographers what they would go for , Sony ? Or s20 ultra 😅 what a joke

Preap Sakbunthong says:

Can I put a SIM card on Sony A3 to make a call? Just kidding 😂

Jo Conrad says:

I ordered the Ultra in Germany and spend the waiting time watching all these comparisons and it still is a good decision. I dont always carry my Nikon around and with the ultra a will have an amazing camera with me most of the time and the pics and videos will be absolutely usable for projects. Even if you have only a 10x zoom, or maybe 20x… thats amazing…

Jeremy Garrett says:

Night mode? Bigger distinction between the large camera sensor on main 108mp camera vs smaller 12mp telelphoto, that is why the first photo's held up better than telephoto.

jakilah moulien says:

You should try Sony xperia 1II with that Sony Alpha camera one day

Wayne Brooks says:

For a Cellphone it gets the job done. The Shadow areas had noise but then again the shadow area wasn't important. Most people aren't gonna zoom in a photo to find noise in the shadows. Glad to have Preordered the phone. Great Video!

Frosty says:

Love Sony A7III with Tamron 28-75 combo. Looking forward for more vid!

viricu says:

Can I buy this case from Brazil?

jrieken1 says:

I totally appreciate your review. It was amazing to me that the S20 ultra could be compared with a DSLR I can't wait for my new S20 ultra to arrive

Mo's Favorites says:

Next review, sony pro camera vs sony xperia 1 mark II

John Bivona says:

A true photographer can shoot with anything and produce great shots. I just wish my DSL would make better phone calls and have a sharper screen to watch videos. so I would not have to carry my phone around.

scarswell12 says:

Have you tried the ultra using gcam?

Water Sheep says:

Samsung S20: $1400
A7Rii: $800

I would rather buy a Xperia 1 or an OnePlus 7 pro which have amazing screens and an A7Rii

Gaetano Crisci says:

guys you just forgot the most relevant aspect: low light pictures

Greeg P says:

In my opinion Samsung have great photo this Sony cost allot more dan Samsung + cost lens 😄 great cam have s20 ultra

mxrtin-ge says:

10:35 Why don't you use Color Noise Reduction??? I literally screamed to my screen! 😂
If you pull up the shadows in raw, even on a pro camera, the most noise you will get is color noise. Even with ISO 100!
Please don't get upset about the amount of noise if you don't try to fix it correctly.

Kye Huelin says:

Not feeling the photographers technical insight. Really fluffy language.

scarswell12 says:

I've been waiting on this video. Thanks!

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