Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max – Ultimate Camera Comparison!

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max – Camera Test Comparison! This Camera test and comparison between the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Galaxy S20 Ultra compares photo and video quality between the Apple vs Samsung smartphones. Is the Galaxy S20 Ultra better than the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

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Dom Esposito says:

YO! I was already on the latest update when I made this video, not pre-release software. I am on the improved update that includes the March security patch. Just so you know. One thing I didn't mention, the S20 Ultra in Super Steady mode is limited to 1080p, but the stabilization is CRAZY good! Worth the trade-off? Also be sure to check out my "Best Galaxy S20 / Ultra & Plus Cases + Accessories!" video here:

pawsryanTV says:

Why does the iPhone 11 Pro Max microphone sound pretty grainy?

bagshitass says:

iPhone was much better in most clips.

nuyou21 says:

Wow! I'm shocked the cameras on the spec'd out S20 Ultra look washed out and the focus is terrible compared to last years iPhone 11 Pro Max. Now imagine this years all-new iPhone 12's with improved cameras. 💯

Akash deep says:

Love for iPhone

豚ポップ人間の黙示録 says:

So many salty iphone kids in the comments

mido ahmed says:

Iphone is better at :
audio quality
front camera

Samsung is better at :
more realistic colour

Moby Scooby says:

iphone is more natural and S20 is too bright but good in zooming but i chose iphone for camera usage

Coley 808 says:

Its awesome but who really takes videos while running? Just curious

Yifei Ren says:

So many noises on iPhone's Mic.

Kevin Lemley says:

The mic situation is really odd. The iPhone doesn't seem to change regardless of which way you hold the phone. The Ultra, however, is noticeably ducked on the MHFs with the front facing camera, but is much more full, especially in the low-ends, than the iPhone when using the rear camera.

Ujggt Gzutj says:

Samsung is much better

GJNA says:

Sounds like your finger was on the microphone of the S20 at 1:45

TheBoyJenius says:

Stabilization is crazy on the S20. You can barely tell he’s running, if you even can tell he’s running. Don’t know if that a good thing or bad thing. Certain situations you want to give a sense of something to the viewer. Still though super steady on S20. Interesting though, When he was running with the iPhone you could tell he was running unlike with the S20 but when he did the wobble with both phones the iPhone maintained composure and you can tell he was wiggling with the S20. Interesting 🤔.

Tenzin Tseeang says:

Galaxy is better

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