Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max: Night Mode Camera Comparison!

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Review: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Night Mode Camera Review and Comparison Test! Galaxy S20 Camera Comparison vs iPhone 11 Pro Max testing Night Mode and low light video performance! Watch my iPhone 11 Pro vs Galaxy S20 Camera Comparison linked below and subscribe for my full Galaxy S20 Ultra Review!

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Dom Esposito says:

Be sure to check out my "Best Galaxy S20 / Ultra & Plus Cases + Accessories!" video here:

Schneider says:

I'm very impressed by what the iPhone can achieve with its small 1/2.55" sensor. You can see that the (much!) larger sensor on the S20U gives it an edge in some photos but due to better software processing the 11 Pro often matches and sometimes beats the S20U. It shouldn't be an even fight, but it is and I'm not sure if the S20U is poor or the 11 Pro great. Probably both.

Harry Do says:

That natural bokeh and details in the very first photo though.

Umesh Mallick Bubu says:

I Love The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra ♥️ ♥️ ♥️♥️

moonwalker5445 says:

Samsung S20 Ultra for sure.

Natasha Raye Artis says:

When the iPhone gets night mode on front facing camera it’s OVER!… Great video I plan on getting the s20 ultra as a secondary phone.

Kavin Suresh says:

Oh god! These phones are on another level! I am planning on getting the OnePlus 8 pro but this is becoming more and more confusing

Scales Andre' says: I really don't care about the pictures.. what about the other important stuff.

Nipun Sharma says:

It is interesting to note how the iphone takes slightly brighter photos even without the night mode on. The samsung was supposed to have the greater sensor and aperture and what not. What happened here?

Hamzah Sani says:

Not to mention Samsung going to further improve and fix the camera in the future update. Samsung 20 ultra going to leap above iPhone 11 for sure.


I been waiting for a drop test

Ihechi Njoku says:

Anyone else gonna agree that the samsung did better with night mode

Tyler Kane says:

Just gonna say it Samsung wins by a long shot in this. They also have night mode for telephoto and ultra wide. The colour on the iphone 11pro max ain't even that accurate tbh. Usually comes out oversaturated. The s20 picks up more detail not rly sharpened…

Shah Darshan says:

S20 ultra was too good

Chris Tmg says:

Did you use the binned 12mp or the regular 128mp to capture these photos in the S20Ultra?

John Manalo says:

iPhone colors look more saturated. Surprisingly, Samsung has more detail and natural colors.

C C says:

Night mode off – iphone
Night mode on – iphone sometimes s20 ultra or maybe draw.
Colors – iphone.
S20 ultra barely keeps its pace with last year model. Imagine the iphone 12 and the pixel will end its huge protruding camera 100mp+ to an end.

Deepak Magar says:

smsng won mostly…
but both have good cameras..u can choose anu phn

Jomary DeOcera says:

only part iphone competes is low light video. in the low light video, S20 will always be more detailed and tend to produce a little more grain than the iPhone 11. you can see more in low light on the iPhone and its a lot less grainy due to having less mp than the s20

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