Galaxy S20 Ultra VS iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Comparison – WOW!

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Here in my hands, I have the newly released #SamsungGalaxyS20Ultra and along side that I have the slightly older beast, the #iPhone11promax .. we will put the two phones, head to head looking at that new 108mp camera from samsung and comparing it to the measly 12mp camera from apple. does 108mp really make a difference? lets find out!

#108mp #LmaoiPhoneCantDoUltrawideNightmode

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Mark's Tech says:

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Powershield says:

Keep growing the beard dude, Looks great!

Romulus Pfeiffer says:

Both phones perform really, really good. Night mode and audio wins the ultra, rest is personal preference. Since I'm a happy ultra owner I'll vote for the ultra. Man I'm drunk 🍻😁
Good work, by the way

Tamim Abulhassan says:

How's the autofocus been? Do you experience any color fringing from the sensor/lens combo

Binu Raj says:

I think both phones were pretty amazing. But the iPhone is a bit consistent with all the 3 lenses. Samsung should work more on the post processing. Hopefully Samsung solves the current camera inconsistency with an OTA update.
The 108MP photo have a ton of details in it but we should remember that we're sacrificing some HDR for the extra sharpness.
Also at 3:07 notice how the iPhone nailed the HDR. S20U messed up the highlights. But this is just a small issue which can be fixed by an OTA update.
Coming to the video part, at 6:04 the S20U did a great job with the stabilisation. But the colours and dynamic range is more consistent on the iPhone.
The 4k60 front facing video at 6:20 is better on the S20U, also notice how it has a natural background bokeh. All these should improve with time.
Also one more thing to say. If you're able to find any stable gcam port for the S20U, then please do a comparison with the stock cam.
Anyway thanks for this comparison video. 🔥

Mondzahn says:

The sky is always more beautiful on the iphone
Edit: almost every time haha

Master King says:

Love your vids.Keep it up mark.

chris G says:

iPhone still has a better camera overall… when you pinch out a photo you’ll see a difference but not that much nor it would matter. Video on the iPhone is still far superior.

mario says:

4:40 🤣🤣

Sachith Heshan Hirimuthugoda says:

Remember us your early subscribers when you become MKBHD famous soon ok 🙁

The Wannabe Geek says:

The Audio on the S20 Ultra absolutely kills the iPhone in every video test. I’m with K2013, i think the Camera is the best on the Samsung, however the computational photography of the iPhone is seriously outstanding. I’m going with the Ultra for the most part and overall experience though!!!

Md. Fuad Bin Shams says:

I think we all know that Apple does better when it comes to capturing clouds in the sky with greater and natural details and this video is psychologically pushing people to think iPhone is better because clouds in the sky has been the top priority in most of the photos you have shown which will trigger people to think iPhone camera is better. I don't know why Samsung which shows more details in objects, streets, houses and other stuffs but fails to show details in the clouds. The cloud is perfect in iPhone but the cloud is more cloudy in Samsung which is not good. But other than that I think Samsung S20 ultra is better. It shows the level of details and clarity not possible by iPhone and also the night mode has no noise like the night mode of iPhone and the Samsung night mode shows objects in greater details. So night mode in Samsung is better in my opinion because it has almost no noise and the details in everything is clear and sharper.

JT Dronemaster Scratchers Justin Thomas says:

Very good short n sweet comparison to out in real world conditions. I currently have the Note 10+ 5G on T-mobile. Love it. Camera is amazingly beautiful. Same as s20 ultra in my opinion. Cant wait for note 20

Javed Zafar says:

iPhone best

[GD] Fiddle Fun says:

And yet iPhone users still think Android phones produce 0.001 MP photos.

Ari Bloch says:

Your zoom measures are 400x and 500x. Is it supposed to be 4x? 40x?

Florian Oprescu says:

Mixed results, no clear winner

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