Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Galaxy S20+ vs iPhone 11 Pro camera comparison – 2020 flagship battle!

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We are definitely delayed with this camera comparison, but for what it is worth it is out there! And, the results of the comparison between the #GalaxyS20Ultra, #GalaxyS20+, and the #iPhone11Pro are really very interesting.


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Akash Topder says:

This must be the exynos version. snapdragon version is better than exynos even with ISP performance.

Ширин Исмаилов says:

Man. This is the best approach in photo comparison. I am impressed

MSD says:

Please more night mode samples.

Imran Hasan says:

Are those exynos or SD?

Professor says:

Dxomark rated 93 points for iphone 11 pro max and 95 points for S20 ultra for vedio autofocus…. the site is paid by Chinese manufacturers….

sahil Shah says:

RealMe Phone also Have really Good Dynamic range

Tausif Khan says:

He lost my trust

Tausif Khan says:

I think slightly saturated image is not bad thing.if you upload social network thn you intentionally increase color saturation & lot of things so why people complaining about slightly edited look? It save time i think

Shanthosh Jawan says:

One plus 8 pro bro

Ganesh Freestyle says:

It would be wonderful if you included oneplus 8 pro.

Wayz says:

Why are using 12MP binning in daytime?? Why didn't you use the 108MP? 12MP binning is designed for night time where small pixels suffer

Mzwandile Harmans says:

Apple makes the highest camera quality. Samsung pushes the spec but it is not delivering enough to kill apples less spec as always. So I always associate Samsung with high spec but poor quality and well Apple quality over quantity

Nitin Gandhi says:

You usually favours huawei and iphone e every single time just like MKBHD and whosetheboss who always iphone unnecessarily…so I am dissapointed now and unfollowing all those

Brian Withers says:

I actually was think how unbiased he was just pointing out pros and cons not blowing any fault out of proportion. Only in the end did he give his opinion. Quite well done. (S20 ultra owner, reviewer very fair just gave his opinion based on what he valued most)
Btw what firmware is s20 ultra on?

Adarsh dwivedi says:

Don't know why some YouTubers became so biased like u currently i have s20 plus nd my cousin have iphone 11 pro nd in daylight pictures. S20 plus is muchh better than iphone
In low light similar results but sometimes iphone gives more brighter pictures but colours from s20 plus is better in low light nd also wide angle night mode in s20 plus totally nails iphone wide angle pics at night in 4k video recording iphone is better but stabilization is better in s20 plus specially with super steady mode overall I feel that s20 plus has much better camera than iphone 11 pro in real world if u don't believe go to near stores nd compare them then u will know
The reality don't rely these type of biased youtubers go stores nd check personally

Anil Shrestha says:

Brother oneplus 8 pro vs s20 ultra (exynos) camera comparison plzzzz

Iron man says:

Is really is samsung s20 plus bad some youtuber says that s20 plus camera is some better then iphone 11

Sampad Kar says:

S20 plus and Ultra 🔥🔥🔥. RIP iPhone

Sampad Kar says:

Dxomark is paid so don't talk about Dxomark

Elango Van says:

iPhone 11 Pro last year model still kicks out other Flagship models❤️

Jayanta Maitra says:

also I don't see a point comparing S20+ and S20 ultra … should have compared with the pixel instead

innocent Uche says:

What matters most in a camera is 1.Details 2. Dynamic range. Not color because color is subjective some like natural colors other prefer punchy. Details s20ultra is better. Dynamic range its almost the same with 11pro. But beats the 11pro in other categories. Do your job well. Think with your head

innocent Uche says:

What is wrong with you guys. S20ultra is clearly better outside of slightly better Dynamic range for the 11pro. Color is subjective some people like natural some like punchy

jerrin jos says:

Seriously if you want best video quality get the canon 90d along a few lenses and will still be only as expensive as the iPhone

Jayanta Maitra says:

this seems to be biased review towards iphone 11 Pro …it's true that iphone is supreme in video recording but definitely in still photos S20 holds its own with ease …

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