Galaxy S20 Ultra unboxing and FIRST 100x zoom pics

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Samsung’s largest Galaxy S20 phone is all about the huge camera bump. We unwrap the newest 5G phone and take the 100x telephoto zoom for a quick test run.

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BenjaminLee2009 says:

So there'd be no case in the box? guess i'm buying the note 10+ then

Its Omar C says:

"A real phone"
-flossy carter

Knarf Laney says:

Okay. What sick [individual] included a free set of headphones with a phone that does NOT have a headphone jack?

Gavin Bond says:

It's beautiful

Smiley Tomato says:

TADA!!! Cardboard just like what you wanted

Craig K says:

Also for zooming like you did I reckon you'll need a tripod. Bit shaky but that's normal

Majki626 says:

The z flip gives you a case and s20 ultra dosnt? Fail

Lee says:

Is it me or is the lamp made to look like an iPhone 11 camera set up on purpose lol

Mitch R says:

Ultra is too chunky, ordered a plus

Àäbđœ þæ Yoûrï says:

Omg….Iwish have a one from this smartphon

Kev_7 says:

I’ll rather keep my Samaung note 10 for another 4 years.

Retro gaming a says:

Jessica <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Andrew Riley says:

You do know your iphone 11 pro max is heavier and wider ?

giants22 says:

If you wait about 3 to 4 months it will be cheaper.

D_._._._A_._._._D says:

I don't like this woman. I dont have a reason. I just don't like her. Like Jeremy Corbyn. He's done nothing to me but I just don't like the guy

Josh Thompson says:

This woman is sexy.

asl2221 says:

She's obsessed with that box 😂

Mariano Perez says:

$1400, nah I'm good. I'll wait a year for the notes and get them at about 60% of the original price.

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