Galaxy S20 Ultra In-Depth Camera Review – the Good & the Bad

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New Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera review as well as some iPhone 11 Pro Comparison
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Probably the biggest love hate relationship I’ve had with a phone in awhile. Samsung is definitely pushing the limits of what’s possible in a phone camera. 8K, 108MP, 100x space zoom and 40MP selfies are great but the lackluster auto focus is a big miss. As well as the skin smoothing actually. What’s up with that?! Lets cross our fingers for a firmware update!!

Thank you for the help!!

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Pajzoo Lis says:

typical iphone user complaints

Manny carrasquillo says:

I can spy my cheater girlfriend from far. Love that phone. Hey iPhone can you do that?

Night Parade says:

super beautiful like Sara 😘😘😘

Joel Diaz says:

Omg whatever, just Trump 2020 already

yaboysupadave says:

Samsung has a firmware update for camera so most of this review will be out dated.

Eduardo Rocha says:

iphone lags behind in innovation, for safety of sales and consistency. samsung and huawei take all the risky moves. and there's nothing wrong with that. the problem is that apple overprices their outdated phones, and doesn't contribute to the development of tech, and that is kinda selfish.

Jake Wagner says:

They need to take the video resolution options out of the deep menu where you have to go four levels in just to change it. There should be 1-tap shortcut in video mode to go from hd to UHD, change frame rate, etc. It's so annoying

Josué Soto says:

Duhhhhh is like a gun automatic and semi automatic

cajunlizard says:

I've read quite a few articles (from The Verge, Tom's Guide, and Business Insider) where it was mentioned that Samsung would fix the autofocus feature. Sounds like a firmware update to me.


Yo! Your camera angles are 🔥🔥🔥

Kaoukabi Jaouad says:

the last phone review i watched i think it's was galaxy S6 now after years not caring about phones … ,i guess things got stupid … that too much … a phone will never replace a pro camera … just for 3 things the dynamic range the size of the sensor and … the manual settings …. that what makes a pro camera a PRO camera … a reflex even the cheaper one will always beat any phone in serious photography, bracketing, long exposure, RAW treatment … and a phone will always beat the best pro camera … in the ease of use .. you have that for family and travel pictures you don't need anything else …

arnelf36 says:

As soon as she said she's an iphone user ! immediately switched the speed of the video to 2X. It was fun watching her whine at twice the speed. :)))

Jman thegiantsfan says:

You sound like your copying the cadence of unbox therapy

phynx2006 says:

Don't know why but I was surprised to see you wearing a cest normal sweater, nice, Jon and Janni will be happy, oh ya the phones cool as well 🤗

June Yang says:

iPhone maniac talked a shit all day

seijunoken says:

Hi,big or no big for you?Because women like big !

Henry Sylvester says:

Firstly you haven't use a LG flagship phone cause they came out with the pro(like the manual mode) before Samsung.

KRoonstAZY 크룬스타 says:

Thank you for the detailed informations. I had this assumption of S20 ultra’s camera will just be better than my iPhone Xs, because of its new and bigger sensor. You made me reconsider of buying s20 ultra.

Ankur K says:

How did I miss this channel dam you look gorgeous

Steven Corbo says:

You can tell in your video that you are an iPhone user. Because you don't really get Samsung.

Steven Corbo says:

Don't like your review because you give a very iPhone perspective of Samsung.iPhone is the phone for people who want everything so simple.for people who don't want to think for people who don't want to do.the Samsung Galaxy note series in the Samsung phones are the Swiss army knives of phones. So yes Samsung runs it much more like a DSLAR LG DOES THAT EVEN MORE THAN SAMSUNG.

Steven Corbo says:

You can set it up so it goes to more that was updated in one UI 2.0

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