Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Video Stabilization Test – WOW!

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To start my Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera comparison I compared the video stabilization first. Super Steady Video was already awesome but Samsung added a some new algorithms to adjust for left and right movement with 1080p video output. Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11 camera comparison coming soon and make sure you watch my Galaxy S20 Ultra Unboxing and Camera Samples video. Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Review and Galaxy S20 review coming soon!

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Danny Winget says:

Which one did better with Stabilization? New SuperSteady Video better? Watch the Galaxy S20 Ultra Unboxing and 8K Camera Samples here:

Taib Ghiloufi says:

The apple footage is far superior , Samsung video is dark and washed , the camera of iphone 11 pro max is cinematic insane

MSC says:

1:24 WOW😮 Samsung better.(Samsung Audio is better)

Ibrahim Sidibe says:

Compar pas la mort et le sommeil s20 ultra c'est la tuerie

Christian Nalo says:

When your phone's camera is more stable than your gimbal 😁

kurd stan says:

SAMSUNG galaxy s2ultra ❤❤❤❤❤

Jhay Jhay says:

S20 Ultra si Steadier and the Microphone is clearer than my Future!

Top Momments says:

oh my god samsung is best

Hot Gammiris හොට් ගම්මිරිස් says:

Iphone is better,

nicolas galasyka says:

Maybe there is something wrong with my eyes, but except for the steady mode being steadier on S20, the colors, details etc looks much better on iphone to me…

Vlican says:

What's the drawback of using supersteady mode? Why not use it all the time?

AutoXmoto Vlog says:

super steady cannot use @4k 60 FPS only 30 FPS iPhone 11 its better @ 4k 60 FPS

Umesh Mallick Bubu says:

ULTRA Is Awesome ,Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra, I Love Samsung

Thales Braga says:

I'm a Samsung user but I have to admit apart from stabilization iPhone's video are crisp and clear. But I ought to choose for Samsung construction light weight Android versatility and PRICE. 😉

ataur rahman says:

Galaxy S20 Ultra good nice

Uly Ritual says:

I still choose apple hehe

Kiên Nguyễn says:

pro max is amazing

Muhammad Arif Naufal Ilham says:

Crazy steady

Ted Lebo says:

The stabilization is great, but as a Samsung owner I have to ask why the exposure on the Iphone is so much better. MUCH more pleasing to my eye.

Tharindu Liyanaarachchi says:

Samsung 💝

Jawad says:

iPhone is a lil kid infront of Samsung

DoDo says:

S20 is better this time, but that big squade for cameras .. just TOO BIG

Carlos Leon says:

súper steady Samsung is OMG

Éen Paard says:

iPhone still looks good

Mobasher Helmy says:

Why is the front facing video flipped on Samsung? I’ve seen it also flipped on other YouTube videos

몰라나도 says:

S10,s20,note10 is the best phone now… iphone have the same specs ever since…

Umar Uraimov says:

Победа Айфон 11про макс

Eugene Wangchuck says:

Please compare videos on the main camera in low light.

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