Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Unboxing & First Impressions!

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Trump My Love says:

Yo I just saw my boy Donald Trump on Fox news, what a beast

Thanh Tran says:

Free Galox Buds Plus on pre orders too 😍😍😍

BRICK says:

I littraly can't wait for this allready pre ordered mine allready ordered my case I think now I have to go get a 45 watt charger

Josh R says:

Thundaye did a test of the 25 vs 45 watt charger and the difference was only 3 minutes to full charge …61mins for 25w, 58mins for 45w

Harvey Serajoseph says:

Do you have any S20 Ultra Giveaway? Just give it to me. 🤣

Rage ALOT says:

Kevin the tech ninja more like Kevin the wave ninja

Brootis Rinzler says:

Doesn't the Ultra start off at $1,399 🧐

Tim R. says:

showing 120Hz on a 60fps video is a great idea dude… No one on earth will be able to notice a difference form this video…

Christoffer Øvervoll says:

Will you compare s20 plus and the ultra camera? Need to know if the 108 mp really gets better picture than standard 12 mp on s20 series

Riot Earp07 says:

"camera module is tall, it's wide, and Thiccc"

elohel Lol says:

Link to that wallpaper on thumbmail?

Lorenzo Vinkovic says:

Can the phone go into camera mode with the lock button as the s8+ can?

c s says:

Way to much money Samsung going crazy no phone is worth that much money forget 5g it will take years before it will be good

vcostor says:

it's not that people didn't want a extra button on the side of the phone, they didn't want that button to open bixby. A programmable button on the side would make a lot of people happy.

Chuck Solo says:

Pass! I’m waiting on the note 20.

DestroSim says:

Samsung already saidrthat they listend and that they are going to allow wqhd+ and 120hz with a future update.

Tech4YourNeeds says:

Talk about the size of the phone since is massive big.

Joseph Gonzalez says:

Hey Tech Ninja👋🙂
Make sure you stay on top of your more credible rumors because that's it stands.. Samsung is working on getting us 120Hz WQHD via software update but supposedly it won't be out for at least three months.

TXguy82 says:

120hz is not worth killing my🔋
Single take mode 🤣🤣🤣
Nice gimmicks again Sammy!!

Salvamando1 says:

Great video, though the price seems incorrect by 100 bucks.. At that price, what’s $100?! Just preordered one and took advantage of the T-Mobile BOGO deal to get my partner an S20 Plus for 300..Can’t wait!

David Montalvo says:

Everybody is talking about the 120hz but does it work on video?
(vudu, Hulu, YouTube and vimeo)

Karl Green says:

Welcome back KEVIN THE TECH NINJA! By the way how is lil man doing?

K Arthur says:

? Does it work with the Autel Apps such as the Explorer or Starlink?

Ross Gloria says:

Jalen rose let himself go

Nagato Pain says:

I want see how the battery will last?

RobTortureWright says:

Seems Samsung is sending all grey review units out, maybe trying to encourage people to buy that one as the Black will most likely be the most popular.

Erik the Blue says:

I really like it 😎👍 It looks like a beast of a device. Respect your tech and put a case on that baby immediately ✌️😎

Russell Causier says:

Damn it now I want the gray colour

agent006 says:

Phone looks sick but Samsung software…… NOPE never again~

Bennie Mangle Jr. says:

I didn't know they made a 128gb variant of the S-20 ultra.🤔 I thought it started at 256gb of storage.

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