Galaxy S10+ vs Pixel 3 vs Note 9 – Camera Comparison!

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The Galaxy S10 plus is Samsung’s latest flagship to kick off 2019. Having used the Galaxy Note 9 and Google’s Pixel 3 as my main devices to end 2018, I was curious as to how they would stack up against the new Galaxy S10+. I took all three phones out with me for a day off and snapped photos as I normally would. Check out the results and my thoughts in this video!

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Thao Huynh says:

✌️Pixel 3 or S10+ or Note 9?
Edit – Realized I left the Pixel 3 face retouching on "Natural" after shooting these photos.

Brian Lau says:

Google camera app on s10 test request.

Krattle Rattle says:

This is why I have the pixel camera on my s10 plus

Davide Floris says:

great video! greetings from Italy … new member!!

lieu hung says:

Nói tiếng việt nữa.

Dee Jimenez says:

Great video. Subbed.

Tam Tạng Kinh says:

dang xai thu s10+ duoc 10 ngay gio muon doi lai iphone.

Ras Jackson says:

Hi everyone, Thao here! …….One of the best intros on YouTube . Love the intro, love your content more. Keep up the good work Thao. 🙂 You have a new sub 😉

Loyalty says:

You are beautiful hehe

Akin Dx says:

Honestly.. I got the S10. And If you want the perfect Camera and u can wait. Wait for the Pixel4. Even the pixel3 still beats the s10 even it has 3 cams.

Deddy Kristiawan says:

just one camera BUT pixel 3 still the

Aadil saifulla says:

S10+ sometimes closed to pixel but Nobody can beat Pixel…..
I love pixel camera ..

Aravinth Soundar says:

U look beautiful

RightWingKing says:

S10 looks satiated.

Poseetivitee says:

Just ordered the S10+, but I gotta say the Pixel 3 is the winner 🙁

Jose Lara says:

Note 9 still holding strong

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