Galaxy S10+ vs iPhone XS vs Pixel 3: NIGHT Camera Comparison

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We compare three of the hottest camera phones around: the Galaxy S10+, the iPhone XS and the Pixel 3 to see which one does best at night. Can the new Galaxy match the Night Sight magic of the Pixel, and where is the iPhone in the grand scheme of things?

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PhoneArena says:

Galaxy S10+, iPhone XS or Pixel 3? Which one did best with low-light photos?

immick says:

А русскую версию ролика можно? 🙂

prashath hs says:

Mate 20 pro pls vs s10

dario.t says:

Please video in low light… top smartphone

Mathieu Yelle says:

I want video recording at night review :((

Entertainment arena says:

Pixel's night sight is awesome

Hernan Hernandez says:

Perfect phone:
-Google camera software
-Apple iOS and design
-Samsung Specs

Огнян Йордaнов says:

Great video! Can you help me because I don't know If I'm stupid and can't read this in any review or I am just sceptical. Do the regular s10 have the same rear cameras as the s10+? Thank you in advance!

Kerron Hope says:

DXOMark disagrees with proven test like these. More cameras get higher scores even if, blehhh y'all understand. Don't trust DXOMark!

zen123 says:

Google's night sight mode looks like daytime shot. Who wants that. Night shot got to look like night shot and not super bright. I prefer the S10+.

kevinnet73 says:

Pixel 3 seems it draws picture, not takes picture at night.

DOODpls says:

how about, S10 with Gcam Port? because on my S9 i have Gcam and the nightsight worked like wonder!

Jonathan Montalvo says:


"Hold my beer" 🍺😎

Arul Sony says:

Iphone is sucks

chad phillips says:

S10 only has 4 cameras

- - says:

Google need to get dual camera make the second ultra wide and improve video as well as the design and screen quality

Niladri Mondal says:

Software beats hardware

Random Guy says:

A Simple software update can fix this, but pixel can't get wide-angle shots with a software update.

Nuhas Zahid says:

Imagine Samsung's Wide angle camera with G-cam.

Local Guide mcr says:

Why no p20 pro

Brad Harris says:

There are only 4 cameras. The other one on the front is just a sensor.

Victor Valdez says:

iPhone for natural pics..Pixel for sharp saturated pics.. Galaxy for blurry pics LMAO

Exalaxy X says:

On the day, I prioritize color accuracy. At night, I prioritize Dynamic and sharpness.

A camera with Good sharpness, Accurate color, and Great dymanic would be the perfect camera for me and a lot of other people.

Some people would like a more saturated color, but accuracy is something I value more.

Hemel Howlader says:

S9+ vs s10 camera test please

ChrisTheDud3 says:

pixel is king

Edan Q says:

Still mate 20pro take better pictures in Night mode

tony okoro says:

Also stop talking about capturing more light. That's not what the pixel is doing. It's talking multiple shots at different exposures and stitching them all together to produce some alien looking shots. That might be ok for you but others may dislike that so stop speaking in absolute terms. Google paid up clowns.

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