Galaxy S10 vs Canon DSLR Camera Comparison (EOS 200D/SL2)

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It’s TECH TUESDAY! Welcome to the channel, here on Tuesday’s, you can enjoy some passionate videos about all kinds of tech from filming equipment to mobile phones! In this video, we look at Samsung’s new offering, the S10, and compare it with my own personal DSLR, the 200D. Its worth mentioning, the DSLR I have, is a very BUDGET camera and so the performance is definitely to represent amateur creators.


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Mohamed Balouzy says:


sports ? says:

Bro i have s10+ but i don't know how to shoot good portrait photo . Plzz help

Zakariya Baker says:

Also, I've seen other say it too, but seriously no DSLR should be left with a kit lense. Bad representation of what a DSLR can do. Buying a new lens transforms your camera. Kit lenses are baaaaaad quality.

Zakariya Baker says:

Just a heads up, try to lower the frame rate you're recording at to get rid of the indoor light flicker, 30fps should do

Ricardo Luis Pilatti says:

Which processor is the S10 + equipped with? Snapdragon or Exynos? I believe Exynos decreases the final quality of photos!

lukas f says:


André Luiz says:

I don't know if you have set autofocus, but Canon seems to be out of focus, the images are kind of blurry. I believe Canon can create sharper images.

I sold my D3300 and bought a Xiaomi Mi 9, and didn't like the results. In terms of photos, with GCam, the photos look good, but the videos are very bad, this phone has no stabilization.

This year I'm going to change my wife's cell phone, and I'm wondering if I get an S10e or give her my cell phone, buy a cheap one and a SL2.

Great video.

Dedskin Prodcer/DJ says:

Excellent review , but you have no clue what you are doing , for example there is no image comparison at all , like corner sharpness center sharpness , chromatic aberration , not even a mention of fixed aperture on phone camera , or to be precise 2 modes , there is no F5 , F6 F8 F10 , everything is real basic and feature lacking , intentionally so that needs to be mentioned , i rolled in ignorance because you guys have no clue what you are talking about and you fooled me for some time , but not any more , those are garbage cameras worth only for self portrait and nothing else , due to limited feature set .

MrunaalJ says:

Omfg! Your little brother is so cute! 🥰

Anti - Routine says:

I really can appreciate the effort in doing this comparison, even though you are comparing apples with pears. If you are doing this kind of comparison at least try to be objective to the pictures you are taking. When I saw your information about portrait picture taking it just blew me away. Please don’t get discouraged about what I am saying, I am only saying this as a constructive criticism. Low aperture is the big nr and high aperture the low nr… all the best.

Script Concept says:

How much ISO you have used in low lighting in canon camera?

Enrique says:

Lots of mOBiLe pHoTOgRapherS here saying phones can replace dslrs
Do your research on comparisons, before making comparisons

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