Galaxy S10 Plus vs Sony Xperia 1 – CAMERA Comparison! | The Tech Chap

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Which has the BEST Camera – Samsung Galaxy S10+ (S10 Plus) vs Sony Xperia 1! 📸 I take both phones to Boston, USA to test photos, selfies, portraits, night mode, video & more! Which do you think will win? 🤔
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The Tech Chap says:

Which phone won? S10+ or Xperia 1?

(also, you're welcome to disagree with my interpretation of the photos/videos – beauty is subjective!)

Nagendra Prasad says:

Xperia has manual HDR first enable it and then compare

Nagendra Prasad says:

Use Xperia HDR in manual mode

Muzzamil Ahmad says:

Compare wth Pixel port in sony camera ,

Doctor Brain says:

Galaxy S10 5g cameras is still ranked as the number 1 best smartphone cameras on DXO marks

Gadgetonomy says:

I don't understand why Sony is lacking so much in a 2019 smartphone camera. They make exceptionally good standalone cameras so why can't they nail it in a phone?

Fadlul Faris says:

Maybe s10 is better. But not really a 'clear' for winner. Color on xperia 1 back camera is that much better.

Jigyansu Nanda says:

S10+ over Xperia 1, any day of the week.

SolarChip says:

I think you are blind 🙂 on all pic and video is the Xperia 1 much sharper even without HDR. look behind scene they all unsharp on S10. look at the pic with your monitor behind it's blurry on s10. Even on the video, sony is much sharper with true colors. There is no way samsung can match up with Sony.

Dennis Xu says:

Just from that initial front facing camera recording, the S10 is the obvious winner for my eyes. The colour and exposure levels were spot on

Bobby Kingma says:

You need to teach people more about realism in colors. When you have no idea about how colors look like in real, you have no idea. The Samsung is sharper, but….the difference in realism in colors is huge. The Sony looks a lot more natural. The Samsung shows us more like Disney (way too much blue) colors. In my opinion this is unacceptable. The Sony is superior in watching videos and movies. The depth (3D) and realism in colors is so much better than what the Samsung can present.

Nicolas Oxendine says:

F**KING SONY! YOU DISAPPOINT ME!. Doesn't Sony provide their sensors to other phone manufacturers? Doesn't the S10+ use a Sony sensor? How the hell can Sony not use there own hardware to make their own product the best? WTF?

george rapp says:

1:54 samgung.this is NOT photo,this is something like photo art .i dont want this from a jpeg engine.
4:01 this is NOT a better dynamic range,this is pop up the swadows from jpeg software,NOT better DR .

Mike Mesaritis says:

I think it's a combination of the S10 HDR and the colour range of the Xperia! That's the best combination for me!

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