Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS – Camera Comparison! πŸ“Έ | The Tech Chap

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Best Phone CAMERA? Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS! I test the new S10+ vs the iPhone XS (XS Max) to find out which takes the best Photos, Videos, Selfies & Slow Motion shots! πŸ“Έ
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The Tech Chap says:

Hi chaps! Reading a few comments suggested I'm biased or paid for or something. This is absolutely not the case. I have no brand preference (I'm actually using S10+ as daily driver now). But I am simply looking at the photos side by side and giving my subjective opinion (granted, I think my analysis of the low light portrait shot at the end isn't right, the S10 is definitely better). However, It is possible to give credit to the iPhone without being 'paid for by apple'. I do appreciate all your comments and feedback though. And I'm keen to hear which one you thought was better! πŸ‘

Amran Ibrahim Rashidi says:

Dont forget to do the full depth camera review for the Sony Xperia 1 man….

Saiteja kodela says:

Why don't you make an camera comparison between Pixel 3 and iPhone Xs and let us see your opinion.

broadcast3ful says:

This little cucked beta got so defensive once everyone called him out on his ignorance. What a little bitch.

Gedas Karas says:

From my high point of view i like samsung

Free Spirit says:

iPhone better at all

MyhcA says:

I'm soo disapointed by Samsung … I expected way more from them on this 10th year anniversary …
2:06 Is this a new yellow filter ?…
3:40 ?! 4:39 Why the hell is it so pale and washed out ?!
7:50 Yellow filter pt 2 …
I'm not an Apple fanboy just a really disapointed Android user :'(
I hope they do a software update !

ToeCutter says:

Haha, here come the haters! I am not an Apple fan and I don't even have an iPhone, but the iPhone camera is great! Apple takes pictures very seriously.

Alexander Ivanchev says:

The iPhone clearly has a warmer whitepoint than the Samsung, which may looks more natural in certain situations. Apart from that honestly, looking at the images alone I think the Samsung wins.

prashath hs says:

Mate 20 pro vs s10 pls


Good review… but I’m sticking with IOS.. not gonna criticise the Samsung, they make wonderful products as well.. if only Samsung can create their own OS and not use android as an operating system then I will grade them, as for now.. I prefer the iOS ecosystem…still.. Samsung makes great products

Foysal Hossain says:

That is what I call a pure Mother fucker☺️
Good job you ass holeπŸ–•

Sumit Suneja says:

There is some serious problem with S10 software. Samsung should roll out an update to fix the issues. This will help to make the pictures look more natural than blown out.

Amir Ahmed Otta says:

Although I'm all time Samsung user this year's Samsung update is not upto bar to rivalry iPhone 10 XS Max Camera performance wise even with S10's 3 wide lens.

Likhon Khan says:

Samsung galaxy s 10+ better

J4mo Plays says:

Samsung galaxy s10 is just too bright

Matt Rose says:

I just wish the S10 would stop overexposing the photos.

Akshit Patidar says:

Who really cares bout camera? Real people in real world not gonna take the same shots and compare them with each other. You just capture the moments thats it. And i think both the phones do pretty good job for that unless you are one of that Insta freak.

Amanda Lopez says:


demond S says:

Everything apple pro does a better analysis

Hector Galvez-Jimenez says:

Actually the colors on your skin look more like the S10 per the camera that you using to shoot yourself with besides the two phones. It looks more like the S10 than the iPhone XS. The iPhone XS makes you look a little bit orange in most of your face, and skin shots and the S10 plus looks more like the camera that you're using to shoot this video. The portraits shots look smokey or hazzy on the IPhone. I like the colors on the Galaxy S10 Plus for my taste.

Piotr Willam says:

The video mode on iphone is more pleasant to watch with that HDR,and surprised how iphone is good in low light situations.

Xavier Robinson says:

I'll take the Samsung

Niklaus91 says:

Hmmmm difficult!! At the back camera maybe Samsung is the winner only for the ultra wide but at the front camera iPhone of course is the winner guys!!! Anyway… both are very very good!

Playdust says:

Why so many dislikes

John Morris says:

Apple makes the best cell phones in the world

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