Galaxy S10 Lite vs OnePlus 7T vs Galaxy Note 10+ camera comparison – shocking results!

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The #GalaxyS10Lite has a great set of cameras on paper but how does it perform in real life? Well, that’s what we are here to find out in our camera comparison against the OnePlus 7T and Galaxy Note 10+.

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Host: Ershad
Editor: Nitesh

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Bhaskar Pal says:

Detailed comparison

Raj kumar says:

S10 lite is best bro

sudipta mondal says:

plse camera comparison samsung s10 lite vs redmi note 10

Shashank Raman says:

Need a camera comparison with note 10 lite

Ankit Sharma says:

Does the s10 lite have a full fledged pro mode in the camera app like the note 10 +?

aswin kumar says:

Guys since the S10 lite has the Snapdragon 855, I guess gcam will be supported right? If so, then the performance can be increased even further!!

usman abdulkadir says:

Awesome camera comparison as always bro

Ankur Cool says:

Why is no one comparing note 10 lite cameras to one plus 7T. I expected Mr. Phone to do so.

Aditya Bhaskar says:

I guess the video would've been better served with just calling the Samsung phones Lite n 10plus (or Note) respectively or sth like that.

Khaja Moinuddin says:

OnePlus 7T is far better than s10 lite & note 10+

pravin murthy says:

The premium phones are losing their value more day by day.. It doesn't make much sense to buy costlier phones today.. rather get very good upper mid rangers n own it for 2 years n change it after that..

Rahat Gandhi says:

S10 lite night mode picture looks fake. It's just brightning the picture nothing else

Subhasish Bhattacharya says:

Surprisingly S10 lite great in this price and yes it's better than one plus 7t😍

Sumit Ram says:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is my pick! ⚡💚

udbhav singh says:

review s10 lite plz

vivi xD says:

Just throw an x2pro as well

Rìáz áhàmêd says:

OnePlus 7t is the best for me

Clement's Tech. Mv says:

Omg i am shocked how the s10 lite better than note in low light, note 10 has f1.5 variable arpacture that is much better compared to s10 lite technically but still s10 lite is much brighter in low light, mainly flagship beats midrange phone in low light, it clearly show software processing matters the most just like iphone and pixel

Clement's Tech. Mv says:

Iphone 11 pro vs note 10 lite vs s10 lite camera test plz

mukesh chaudhary says:

gcam review of s10 lite

Jerry Stoner says:

Daylight primary camera: Note10>S10Lite>7T
Daylight Ultrawide: Note10>S10Lite>7T
Daylight Zoom: Note10>7T>S10Lite
Portrait: 7T>Note10>>>S10Lite
Macro: S10Lite>7T>>>Note10
Video Stabilization: S10Lite>Note10>7T
Video Quality: Note10/7T>S10Lite
Audio Quality: Note10>7T>S10Lite
Selfies: 7T>Note10/S10Lite
Low light, no night mode: S10Lite>7T>Note10
Low light, night mode: S10Lite/7T>Note10
Low light selfies: S10Lite>>>7T/Note10


Wait op8 will crush it…..and…..note10lite…aimed at different audiences…..

Gaurav Ramanan says:

Thank you so much for this Video! You're the first I found with a side by side comparison! Please also make one with Note 10 Lite vs Note 10+ Camera Comparison 🙏🙏🙏

Rods Start says:

Why no body wanna compare a71 camera ! Please make one

Dolrich Serrao says:

Compare with note 10 lite

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